W.O.D. Monday 2/26/18


W.O.D. Monday 2/26/18

HUGE turnout at Friday Night Lights for the CrossFit Open… about 40 registered athletes competed, not counting those who went earlier in the day, with a huge amount of spectators watching, filling the room with some great energy!

I know some took more professional pictures, feel free to message them my way (Macy), because these are some quick shots I grabbed on my phone between events, and I am NOT a photographer 🙂    Great job everyone!

Strength/Conditioning WOD – 32 min running clock

5 Rounds for time of…
16 Deadlifts 205/145
8 Push Jerks 205/145
4 Bar Muscle Ups

*If not RX – Aim to use a weight on the push jerk you can can complete 4-7 reps unbroken when fresh

*Scale Bar Muscle ups based on your skill level with either 8 Chest to Bar Pullups, 8 strict pullups, 8 kipping Pullups,8 Banded pullups (bands across j-hooks) or 8 jumping pullups

25:00 – 32:00 complete…

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes, from the ground, complete 3 Front Squats (squat clean counts), building in weight as you go to find 2 scores of a heavy 3 rep front squat for the day… so you don’t purposely game this, your score will be the weight used set 4 and set 7. (2 scores)


Post 3 scores.  Time of WOD 1 and the weight used on set 4 and set 7 of 3 front squats in the EMOM!  If you go over the time cap on workout 1, add a second to the cap for each rep not completed.