W.O.D. Monday 2/5/19 – CrossFit Open Details


W.O.D. Monday 2/5/19 – CrossFit Open Details

The CrossFit Open and Registration is here! Please read below, checkout some pics from last years “Friday Night Lights” on the website or family page and also go to the link below for more info! We had almost 50 members sign up last year!

The Open Is for Anyone

Every year the CrossFit Open takes place and we have a blast coming together on Friday nights all doing the same workout for our informal, fun, and energized setting of “Friday Night Lights”!

The 2019 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is the largest fitness competition on Earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community. Here, athletes like you, from all around the world, show up and push themselves further than they ever thought possible over a five-week period. Challenges, PRs and the unknown await. Don’t miss out!

People of all ages and ability levels can play, Rx’d or Scaled, sign up online and all do the same workout!

We will have a weekly “Friday Night Lights” event at CFR, but athletes can participate at any of the 15,000+ CrossFit® affiliates worldwide or in any gym, garage, park or flat space where you can bring your gear and a camera.

Feb. 21 kicks off five weeks of Open workouts.

Click here for videos, to register, and more info explaining it all more in depth!

Strength – 15 minutes

Front Squat – From the rack, build to Heavy Single


  • Athletes will have 15 minutes to build to a heavy single front squat.
  • It may be helpful to complete 3-5 reps at the lighter weights to warmup.
  • In the later and heavier sets, athletes can keep it to 1 rep with longer rest periods.
  • Coaches- make it a point to get around to each athlete and give them one piece of front squat feedback.


  • Should be able to complete 21+ reps unbroken when fresh on both The Front Squat and Kettlebell Swings when fresh.
  • Within the workout, looking for these to be completed in 1-2 sets.

You’ll often see the strength pieces we do listed as “Heavy” and not “1Rerp max, 5RM..etc”. 1RM takes into account past personal bests and is an all out effort. When we 1RM, there is the tendency to throw form out of the window and put more effort into the lift than the conditioning piece. When we go “heavy” there is still a high priority on moving well. Heavy also means it is relative for the day and not related to all time bests. Not going to max effort here allows athletes to have something left in the tank for the conditioning piece. This very well may still be a PR opportunity for athletes if they are feeling good and moving well, but that isn’t necessarily always the case.

For time…
21-15-9 reps of…
Kettlebell Swing 70/55
Box Overs 24/20
Front Squats 135/95
*Coaches – let’s line boxes up near rigs on outside to open up floor space for bars and KBs

Weight Back
It is common to see athletes try to get more power on heavier kettlebell swings by squatting the bell down. We want to differentiate the movement pattern of the kettlebell swing from the front squat. Rather than dropping the hips down and sending the knees forward, athletes will aim to keep the shins relatively vertical with the hips high and bell high on the body. The goal is weight back and not down. This allows athletes to create power with the big muscles of the posterior and stay snappy with the hips.

There are many different ways to complete a box jump over. Some are better than other based on what the workout looks like. Today, athletes want to choose the one that allows them to keep moving the whole time, fits their goals, and enables them to immediately transition to the front squat bar. By fit their goals, we are talking about rebounding or stepping off the box. Rebounding box jumps carry a little more risk than stepping down. We typically recommend athletes step down unless they have goals of competing within the sport.

Arms Parallel
The closer the bar is to the center of the body on the front squat, the lighter it will feel. This is because the weight is balanced over the middle of the foot. If the bar moves down the body, it will be more difficult to control and feel much heavier. The surefire way to keep the bar where it needs to be is keeping the upper body locked in. Athletes can aim to have their arms parallel to the ground through the entirety of the squat. Getting the bar back into the fingertips and applying a constant upward pressure can help maintain this position.

Eyes Parallel
Where the eyes go, the arms go. Bringing attention to what our eyes are doing can improve body position. Wherever we want our arms to be, we want our eyes to be. The goal here is to aim our elbows and eyes at the same target. If both are parallel to the ground, the bar will be resting in a better position.


  • Aim for 1 break maximum on the sets of 21 and 15
  • Option for set of 21 is 12-9
  • Option for set of 15 is 8-7
  • Try and hold on unbroken for the final set of 9


  • These are the pacer of the workout and less important than the weighted movements
  • Better to keep these steady and maintain bigger sets on the swings and squats