W.O.D. Monday 3/2/20


W.O.D. Monday 3/2/20

Hey CFR Family,
Next Monthly Cause!🔥
This month, we are excited to partner with Soles4Souls to help provide shoes to people who need them. Soles4Souls turns shoes into opportunity, by keeping them from going to waste and putting them to good use – providing relief, creating jobs and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty. When you check in to CFR, use the hashtag #giveshoes! 👍
These shoes go to the people who need them most, whether that’s new shoes to people in times of need, or gently used shoes to entrepreneurs in developing countries so that they can start and sustain a small business. Because something as simple as a pair of shoes can make a big difference. Every 10 check-ins to CFR help provide a pair of shoes to someone in need.
If you want to learn more about Soles4Souls, you can check them out at www.soles4souls.org. ❤️

Owners – Macy and Jennifer Mitchell


For time…

Teams of 3, splitting reps however desires:
100/70 Cal Row, 100 Deadlifts 155/105
80/60 Cal Row, 80 Hang Power Cleans 155/105
60/45 Cal Row, 60 Front Squats 155/105
40/30 Cal Row, 40 Push Jerks 155/105
20/15 Cal Row, 20 Clusters 155/105

*You may not row more than 20 cal without transitioning to your teammate

*If you do not finish under the time cap, just add 1 second per rep not completed to the time cap (ex – 35:08)

*Clusters are squat clean thrusters (coaches will demo)

*If uneven amount of people to form all teams of 3, teams of 2 may decrease rep count to 70/70,60/60,45/45,30/30, 15/15 – teams of 1 may join another team and shadow an athlete, working when they work and resting when they rest.

*If a team of all females, you may use the male/female scale on the row, otherwise a coed team must stick to the full amount on the row

Post team names and total times!