W.O.D. Monday 4/19/21


W.O.D. Monday 4/19/21

Strength – 12 minutes

Front Squat Cycle (Maintenance Day) – 12 minutes

Every 2 minutes complete a set of 2 Front Squats, all at 80% of your 1 rep max (6 sets)

*If you have not established your 1 rep front squat, now is the time as we get deeper into this cycle
*Wednesday will be 3 x 3 at 95% of your 1 rep front squat…

“Give more. Give what you didn’t get. Drop the old story.” – Unknown

Self-identity is a weapon. A weapon that can be on either side of the trench.

When we think about this quote, we might be thinking of our past. And if you’re human, chances are that at some point in your life you held onto a “bad memory”. It would manifest into our daily lives in a unique way, and potentially frequently.

Every individual and experience is different, yet there is a commonality at the bottom line of all of ours… that here today, we can continue to be impacted by them.

Think about the way you think.
Who is directing our lives?
Will we let it be the past, or should we be the ones writing the story?
It is never too late to pick up the pen.

The past does not define who we have to be today.
Be the change you want to see.

Conditioning WOD – 12 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 12 minutes of…
20/15 Calorie Machine
15 Wallballs (30/20) *if low on balls, use a slam ball
10 Single Arm Devil Presses (50/35)


  • A naturally slower movement by design. We essentially have a Burpee and ground to overhead, which takes time to complete even when moving fast.
  • Look to spend less than :90 for 10 reps. Try to keep the reps at 10 and decrease load. But, if you have an athlete that wants to go a little heavier, having them go for 6-8 reps may a good call. Just keep the :90 window in mind.

GENERAL WARM-UP (3:00-9:00)
1 Minute of Wall Squats Video
30 Seconds of Step Back Reverse Lunges
30 Seconds of Pushup to Down Dog
30 Seconds of Medicine Ball Squats Video
30 Seconds of Jumping Lunges
30 Seconds of Frog Hops Video

Front Rack Stretch: 1 Minute Video
Medicine Ball Squat Hold: 45 Seconds


Focus: 1) When receiving the ball, hips back and knees out (dynamic position) / 2) DEPTH – crease of the hip below the knee cap

  • We do a lot of Wall Balls, so take this opportunity to dig into full range of motion at the bottom of the squat.
  • To have a better chance of achieving full depth in the squat, athletes must send “hips back first with a quick knees out”.
  • They often think about the ball and forget about the action of the hips in knees. Use the movement prep to isolate this focus.

Movement Prep (Coach Led – Coach calls the commands) (4:00)
5 Medball Front Squats with a pause at the bottom – When calling a rep, watch one athlete only and check hips back first. Pause them at the bottom and look at depth on two different athletes.
5 Wall Ball Shots with a pause in the set-up – Call “Go!” Athletes perform a Wall Ball and pause after catching the ball (set-up). Coaches are checking depth.
5 Wall Ball Shots (without a pause) – Call “Go!” Athletes perform 5 Wall Balls. Coaches check hips and knees on athlete, one at a time.
(Coaches can call more than 5 reps if needed, but they do not need to see EVERY athlete for every progression. This way of commanding the room is a system for disciplined ‘Seeing & Correcting’)

Focus: 1) Swing, Pull, Punch 2) Switching arms

  • Once the feet have jumped forward and are flat on the ground, athletes will swing the DB back between the legs, then out in front as they stand. This is the “swing” – it’s like a Kettlbell Swing.
  • Once the swing feels ‘lighter’, athletes will pull the DB towards the shoulder with the elbow back and down.
  • Without pulling the DB all the way to the shoulder, there is a quick turnaround from a “pull in” to “punch up”. This must be done fast!
  • The “punch up” requires the elbow to move forward and then up.
  • When switching arms, this can be done from the overhead position, at the shoulder, at the hip, or on the ground. Let how heavy the load feels guide this choice.
  • Click here: DEMO Movement Prep (Coach Led – coach calls the commands) (6:00)
    6 Single Arm Push Press (3 each arm) – check overhead position and control
    3 Frog Jump to Swing (3 each arm) – Jump the feet up, swing the DB back, and stand swing – NO pull or punch)
    (Starting from a standing position) 6 Swing, Pull, Punch (3 each arm no switching) – check the fast “pull in” to fast “punch up”
    Teach “The Switch” Have athletes practice switching on the ground, by the hip, at the shoulder, or from overhead
    6 DB Devil’s Press – Coaches call “Go!” Athletes perform the Devil’s Press and HOLD overhead. Coaches then call “Reset”. Athletes bring the DB back to the floor and pause.
    (This is just another stylistic way to have command of the room and give you the time to really ‘see and correct’ faults.)

1 Round
(With Workout Weight):
6 Cal Machine
4 Wall Balls
2 Single-Arm Devil’s Press (2 each side)


  • For the Devil’s Press, moving with purpose vs. trying to move fast will likely be the better option. If we get sloppy during the swing from the ground, we increase the likelihood of achy lower backs the next day. Take care of the spine.



  • Decrease the reps
  • Decrease the load
  • Decrease the target (last resort, the height is the last thing to alter)
  • Injuries – sit to a target, only front squat (upper body issue), only push press to a target (lower body issue), single arm DB thruster.


  • Decrease the load
  • Decrease reps to 8 or 6
  • Modify the movement (injury or limitation) – No Push-Up at the bottom // Take out the Burpee, hang snatch // Finish the movement at the shoulder vs. overhead