W.O.D. Monday 4/2/18


W.O.D. Monday 4/2/18

Our next monthly cause!

For the month of April, we are so excited to partner with The Autism Site for autism awareness and acceptance month!

Every 2 check-ins throughout April will provide one minute of therapy to an autistic child and their family. The hashtag this month is #autismawareness.

We have partnered with The Autism Site for the last 5 years and have raised over one hundred fifty thousand dollars and provided over six hundred thousand minutes of therapy to families that need and deserve it.
The Autism Site provides access to incredible play therapy sessions that promote long-term and short-term memory, stimulate language, negotiation, and communication skills. Play sessions also nourish each family by relieving stress and forging important emotional bonds. If you want to learn more The Autism Site, you can check them out at theautismsite.greatergood.com.

This April, remember to check in to help children and families with autism! #autismawareness

Early week reminders!

  • Mondays – FREE Mobility class with our Doctor of Physical Therapy 8am and 6PM
  • Order EatFitGo Meal Prepping online any day as delivery is Mon, Tue, and Thur at 9am for pickup anytime. For healthy food prepped for you all week long.  Discount code for CFR members is CFRepublic18  –  Order here https://eatfitgo.revelup.com/weborder/?establishment=13
  • All week – Sports or therapeutic massage onsite by our therapist Sarah Rone – $1 a minute for as little or as much as needed.  Informal before or after your workout for preventative, loosening up, or an injury as needed.  Charged to your account for convenience. Just call 732-5433 to set up an appointment!
  • Monday Nights – Barbell (Olympic Lifting) Class at 7:30pm – an intermediate class focused on improving the snatch and clean and jerk.
  • CrossFit Yoga – Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:30pm and Thursday mornings at 10:15am all with childcare.  First time is FREE.  Monthly unlimited membership is $5 and then thereafter goes to $10 unlimited ONLY FOR CFR MEMBERS!  Non CFR members are a $5 drop in OR $25 monthly unlimited use.  Tell your friends! As typical yoga sessions cost $15-20 each time, and we are the only yoga in the area!
  • Keep Checking in on Facebook to give back!  CFR makes the donation per check in!  #GiveBack  #AutismAwareness

Be at CFR today to find your 1 rep back squat.  We completed heavy back squat on Friday to get you ready for today.  The reason that this is important, is that you will specifically see the back squat programmed twice a week for a few weeks.  Much of this work will be based on percentages of your 1 rep max.  This lift will improve most everything in crossfit and in your life outside of the gym.

If you miss this day, there will be variations I’ll program so you can continue to go heavy, without knowing your exact percentages.  We’ll make it work for everyone.

Strength – 16 minutes

Find your 1 rep max back squat

*Ring that PR bell if you hit a Personal Best!

Conditioning WOD – 15 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 15 minutes of…
7 Chest to Bar Pullups
14 Hand Release Push-ups
21 Air Squats

*Scale Chest to Bar 1:1 with pullups, jumping pullups, or banded pullups

*RX – Hand Release pushup standard, there can be no “worming” like a burpee.  If you need to rest on the ground between reps, you may, but once you start to attempt a pushup, your quads (legs) must come off the floor FIRST before you start to push up

Post your 1 rep max back squat and rounds + reps achieved on WOD!