W.O.D. Monday 4/23/18


W.O.D. Monday 4/23/18

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**Reminder about our new workout time at 3:30pm with childcare included on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays!  It’s been a great addition so far! Also our two Physical Therapists, Doc Chance and Katie, will continue their double team at our weekly FREE mobility class at 6pm They will lead a class on keeping you healthy in the gym but offering a Rock Tape session if needed by Katie Cook, PT **


*Throughout this back squat cycle we are completing… there are days where you may fail a set or have a hard time completing all the volume, but please know that it’s alright and that you have to be pressed to be refined, that “failing” is not a negative in our gym, but completely positive, pushing your mind and body to show your true potential…

This is how you get stronger, better at what you do, is by pushing yourself to the limit. This is true in anything.  Do your best and be encouraged.  It’s up to you!  Go get it!

Back squat

*This is the last high volume day.  From here, sets will be less, a decreased amount of total reps but weight will get heavier… here come the gainzzz…

5 sets of 6 at 80% of your 1 rep max (aim to hit a set every 3-4 minutes to give yourself proper rest)

*If you don’t know your 1 rep max back squat, work up to a challenging weight and stay there all 6 sets for 6 reps

*Coaches- please allow 5-10 minutes for athletes to work up to their starting weight and keep it all sets

Conga Line Conditioning WOD

*Coaches- Line bikes at front facing class and teams line up underneath front rig under clock, then line KBs up in middle of gym in a line, then wall balls waiting at the back rig, unless the side rig is needed, but only as last resort

Teams of 4 – Conga Line

One athlete starts and as they finish the movement, the next athlete starts on that movement, and so forth moving as a line one after the other.  You cannot start the next movement until the athlete in front of you is done with that movement. It is possible you will be waiting for the person in front of you based on order, which isn’t ideal but you must strategize accordingly in what order everyone should go. Once an athlete is done, they can wait under the back rig and cheer on their team to finish! Go hard but make this fun and encouraging for each other!  Your score will be your total time as a team of 4.

If odd number of athletes with anything less than a team of 4, complete the same workout, just post total time and number of athletes you had.

For time…

25 Calorie Bike

25 KB Swings 70/55

25 Wall Balls 30/20

Post your 80% back squat weight used for most/all sets and team time for the conga line!