W.O.D. Monday 5/10/21


W.O.D. Monday 5/10/21

**“One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness. It usually comes back to you.” – Anonymous
Science has proven that showing kindness to another elicits one of the most powerful hormonally driven emotions we can feel. But what is even more interesting, is that kindness is contagious.

Think back to the last time you saw someone else doing something generous. Maybe it was as simple of a gesture as someone holding the door open for an elderly citizen entering a store. Or when another randomly buys the next person in line behind them their coffee at the drive-through Starbucks. Think back to those moments… how did you feel, witnessing that? Did it make you feel, more generous?

If kindness is contagious, we just need to start the chain.

Strength – 10 minutes

For Load
Every 2:00 for 10:00: (5 sets)
1 Power Snatch + 2 Overhead Squat
*pause at the bottom of the Overhead Squat for 2 seconds

Purpose: To lift a little heavy or practice before the workout.

Conditioning WOD – 14 minutes

5 Rounds For Time:
7 Power Snatches (115/85)
14 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

*Score = time taken to complete the workout


  • Decrease Load
  • From the Hang Position
  • 14 Single Dumbbell Power Snatches


  • Decrease Box Height
  • Box Step Ups
  • 30 Double Under/45 Single Unders

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-5:00]

  • Overall Time = 6:00-10:00 Workout
  • 1 Round = 1:15-1:30 (avg)
  • Light-Moderate pull from the ground to overhead (Power Snatch)
  • High heart “jumps” to go along nicely with the Snatch.
  • Believe it or not, this workout is short, and for some…a sprint! Don’t be surprise if some athletes hold onto 1:00 rounds for the first few rounds.


  • 7 Power Snatches unbroken will take ~:20. If we have to break more than twice from the start, the weight will be too heavy for today. For athletes who need to spend some time on the 115/85-lb. barbell, consider keeping the load and reducing reps to 5 per round.
  • The Box Over – 14 reps will take ~:30-:45. As always, we recommend that athletes avoid rebounding, but that’s an option you can choose to enforce or not.


  • Be sure that athletes have room to safely bail the barbell in all directions.
  • Collars on bars at all times.
  • Plates away from the lifting area.
  • This is how we can increase safety, even though we cannot completely eliminate it.

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-10:00]

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 40 Mountain Climbers
  • 30 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
  • 20 Behind the Neck Snatch Press
  • 10 Controlled PVC Overhead Squats


BOX OVER [4:00]
Focus: Knees align with toes

  • The knees and toes are best friends. Where the toes point the knees follow. This must happen when we jump and land.
  • For today, focus on knee-toe alignment when landing on the box.

Movement Prep – Box Over – Coach Led

  • 5 Air Squats
  • 5 Squat Jumps
  • 5 Box Overs (pause on the box for :2) – step off forward (Coaches Focus: Knee-Toe Alignment)
  • 5 Box Overs (w/ step-off or jump off)

Focus: Bar Path – Keeping the bar close to the legs

  • Once the bar is above the knee, it can be easy for the bar to lose contact with the legs.
  • The instructional drill in the video will help athletes to “feel” the bar on the thighs as we move back and forth from mid-thigh to the dip position.
  • When cycling, as we have coached before, break the elbows down and push the hips back as the bar slides down the legs.

Movement Prep – Power Snatch

  • 3 x Deadlift to Mid-Thigh (pause at mid-shin and at mid-thigh) –
  • Instructional Video
  • 3 x 3 Mid-Thigh to Dip + 1 Hang Power Snatch (as demonstrated in the video) – (Coaches Focus: Keeping the bar close to the legs)
    Command: “Mid-thigh to dip, mid-thigh to dip, mid-thigh to dip, mid-thigh……and Power Snatch, Go!”
  • 3 x Power Snatch – *(Coaches Focus: Bar Path)
  • 3 x Overhead to Mid-Shin w/ :5 descent – (Coaches Focus: bar stays close to the legs – see video)
  • 5 Power Snatch – Coach led reps

LOADING [22:00-30:00]
Every 2:00 for 10:00 (5 sets):

  • 1 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat
    (Increase the load every round)

After the complex, de-load the bar to game load

2 Round – w/ workout weight

  • 4 Power Snatch
  • 6 Box-Overs

WORKOUT [35:00-50:00]

  • “Pull, jump, and punch hard” on the Power Snatch. Thinking “punch hard” up on the bar, will bring more focus to speed going overhead. Aim for a set of 3-4 every rounds before switching singles, if needed.
  • Get the first box over out of the way. Don’t think, just jump. Once the first one is out of the way, we are more likely to keep going.


  • Pec Stretch on Wall: 30 Seconds Each Side
  • Wall Twist: 1 Minute Each Side
  • Pigeon Pose + Lat Reach: 1 Minute Each Side
  • Accessory Work can be added if time allows