W.O.D. Monday 6/14/21


W.O.D. Monday 6/14/21

“There is a reason between listening, and waiting for your turn to speak.” – Simon Sinek
Listening is a skill.
To not “hear” the words of another, but to truly be in the moment. To listen sincerely.

Most listen with the intent to reply. That is, as the other is speaking, they’re already formulating what to say next. In these moments, they are no longer listening. We’ve shifted towards “hearing”.

In our conversations today, pay close attention to our thoughts as the other is speaking.

The intention is this:
Listen with the intent to understand.
Not to reply.

PARTNER WORKOUT – teams of 2

As many rounds + reps as possible in 25 minutes of…
30/24 Calorie Machine
30 Push Jerks
30 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
30 Lateral Bar Burpees

*The Push Jerk loading will increase every round. The reps will stay the same (30):
Round 1 = 115/75
Round 2 = 135/95
Round 3 = 155/105
Round 4 = 185/125
*Break-up the cals/reps with your partner however you like
*Score = Rounds and reps completed at 25:00

*Team of male/female will still do the same amount of calories/reps here.

*If odd number of athletes, have either the athlete join another team and shadow one of the partners. When the partner goes, they go, when the partner rests, they rest… OR and individual can do this workout for 20 minutes and cut reps to 20 or each as well.

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-5:00]
In 25:00 accumulate as many rounds as possible.
One round should talk ~6:00-7:00.
We are looking to get into the 4th round.
The load increases every round.
Athletes can change plates whenever they like. The partner not changing plates can continue to do work.
Challenge: Athletes need to find 4 different loads that they can cycle for at least 3 reps every time.


Consider shooting for 15/12 cals per partner each time.

Push Jerks
30 Push Jerks at moderately light loads should be completed in ~1:00.
We recommend a load that allows you to clear 15 reps in no more than two sets.
Later rounds will need to be broken up more. Consider the below:
Round 1 = 3 Breaks (2 Sets of 8, 2 sets of 7)
Round 2 = 5 Breaks (6 sets of 5)
Round 3 = 7 Breaks (6 sets of 4, 2 sets of 3)
Round 4 = 9 Breaks (10 sets of 3)

** Chest to Bar Pull-ups**
30 C2B Pull-Ups should take ~1:30-2:00.
Find a balance with your partner that allows for less transitions and sets that keep cycle speed fast.
Consider no less than 5-6 reps at each effort for a faster finish.

Lateral Bar Burpees
30 Lateal Bar Burpees should take ~1:30-2:00.
Aim to switch with your partner as reps slow down.
We can finish a rep on the opposite side of the bar from where our partner is starting.

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-10:00]
Partner Warm-up (AMRAP 5)
P1 Machine 9/6 Cals
P2 stretches (see below for stretches)
Move on to the next stretch every time both partners finish a round
Inchworm to Push-ups Video
5 Scap Pull-ups + 5 Ring Rows
Practice Chest to Bar/Workout Variation Pull-ups (we don’t have too much time to work on these today)

**FOCUS: BALANCE AND STABILITY – “Jump Hard, Widen Feet!” Video
The loading will get heavier today. The heavier it gets the harder it can be to press up into the bar. We can help ourselves by landing in a lower catch position. A shoulder width stance will help achieve a deeper receiving position overhead. We must move the feet out so the hips can go lower.

Push Jerk (4:00)
5 Jump & Land (Assess receiving position)
5 Jump, Punch & Land (Assess receiving position)
With an Empty Barbell
5 Push Jerks w/ pausing in receiving position
5 Push Jerks w/ no pause

Loading (8:00)
3 Reps Round 1 Load
3 Reps Round 2 Load
3 Reps Round 3 Load
3 Reps Round 4 Load

De-load the bar back to Round 1 Load.
Stage necessary plates safely out of the lifting area

Lateral Bar Burpees (1:00)
6 Lateral Bar Burpees
*Athletes do not have to stand up all the way between reps

1 Round – w/ Workout Weight, P2 follows P1
:20 Calorie Row
3 Push Jerks
3 Chest To Bar Pull-ups
3 Lateral Bar Burpees

WORKOUT [26:00-51:00]
Strategize with your partner.
This workout will largely come down to who can communicate well.
View this is one person constantly moving. If communication is tight, transition time will be very short.
If the plan isn’t working, don’t stay in it, make a call to go to short sets.
Remember, you are a team. Two athletes working as one.

COOL-DOWN [53:00-60:00]
Recover. Chat with your partner 🙂
1:00 Banded Shoulder Distraction (Each Side) Video
1:00 Wall Pec Stretch (Each Side) Video

**[General Order – 1) Intensity (Can scale intensity via lighter loads, less reps/distance, or less overall time) 2) Movements via modifications, substitutions or replacement (injury)]


  • Decrease Load
  • Decrease Reps
  • Seated Dumbbell Strict Press


  • Decrease Reps
  • Kipping Pull-ups
  • Strict Pull-ups
  • Banded Pull-ups
  • Jumping Pull-ups


  • Burpees in Place
  • Step-Up Burpees
  • Decrease Reps

Extra Work

[Designed for members wanting a little more – to be completed outside of the 60-minute class]
3 Sets For Quality:
8 Dumbbell Bench Press
8 Feet Elevated Ring Row
50′ Single Bottoms Up Kettlebell Walk