W.O.D. Monday 6/17/19


W.O.D. Monday 6/17/19


“Iron Sharpens Iron”

Jealousy is a challenging topic to talk about.
There’s two mindsets that we can speak to here – “Zero Sum”, and “Non Zero Sum”.

The “Zero-Sum” mindset is when one looks at others who have accomplished “X” and thinks: Why them? Why isn’t it me? The other, “Non-Zero Sum”, looks at those same people and accomplishments, but has a different approach: If they can do it, so can I.

It is most challenging in those who we compete against.
But even our fiercest competitors are truly only a benefit to us. They push us further forward, just as the rising tide lifts all ships.

One is jealousy (if you win, I lose), and one is inspiration.
Both are very, very powerful. Both, in different directions.
Iron sharpens iron if we allow ourselves to see it that way.
Let’s choose to be inspired.

Benchmark W.O.D.

*Reminder – you will see benchmark workouts again. Please score this on SugarWOD or write it down so you can test your fitness over time, and see your progress, as we always do benchmark workout every 6 months or so.

*Scaling options below if needed! Please read!

0:00 – 10:00 – 1 Mile Run(must run 800m twice), Max Clean and Jerks (135/95)
10:00 – 13:00 – Rest
13:00 – 20:00 – 800 Meter Run, Max Power Snatch (115/80)
20:00 – 23:00 – Rest
23:00 – 27:00 – 400 Meter Run, Max Thrusters (95/65)

Score is total barbell reps completed.


  • As the windows decrease, so will the run distance and weight on the barbell
  • Athletes should have more overall time on the barbell with each round


  • Clean and Jerk & Snatches: Choose a weight you can complete 10+ when fresh and singles during workout
  • Thrusters: Choose a weight you can complete 21+ when fresh and 7-10 within the workout

1 Mile Run
* If best mile is above 8:00, reduce to 1200 meters
* We want at least 1:30 on the barbell,

* Must run the 800m twice for the mile run. Cannot run any other combo of distance.
800 Meter Run
* Looking to have 3-4 minutes to work on the barbell
* This run should take 4-5 minutes
400 Meter Run
* Looking to have around 2 minutes for thrusters
* This run should take around 2 minutes *

**1 Mile Run Subs **
2000/1600 Meter Row
115/80 Calorie Bike

800 Meter Run Subs
1000/800 Meter Row
60/42 Calorie Bike

400 Meter Run Subs
500/400 Meter Row
30/21 Calorie Assault Bike

Knuckles Down
The theme on all three barbell movements today is keeping the knuckles down. In the pull of the clean and jerk and snatch, this cue helps keeps the bar close to the body. On the thruster, thinking knuckles down ensures the elbows are in a good position during the squat.

1st Round

  • The run eats into a lot of this window
  • Push hard to have enough time on the barbell
  • Quick singles once you’re in the door

**2nd Round **

  • The run is slightly less important in this round
  • Find a similar or slightly slower pace than the 1st round for the run
  • Quick singles once you’re in the door

**3rd Round **

  • The run matters the least in this final round
  • We’re holding onto the bar for sets of here