W.O.D. Monday 6/18/18


W.O.D. Monday 6/18/18


NEW CFR Apparel is here!

If you pre-ordered your apparel, it is ready to be picked up! Head to the front desk, and find your gear! For those that didn’t place an order, there will be a very small allotment of our basic CFR shirt that will be hanging in the apparel area you can purchase!   This will be available for those who did not pre-order, for drop-ins and for anyone else interested!

Time to show off that new gear!

If any questions, ask or message Sara Keatts or Marie Burks with any questions!

Back Squat – 18 minutes

5 sets of 4 at 75% of your 1 rep max

*If you do not know your 1 rep back squat max, work up to a challenging weight, and stay there for all 5 sets.  Post your 75% weight used or the challenging weight

Conditioning WOD – 8 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 8 minutes of…
10 Toes to Bar
10 Burpees

*Starting with 0:00, complete 5 Hand release pushups every minute on the minute (stop your workout, complete all 5, then resume your workout where you left off!)

Post back squat weight used and rounds + reps achieved!