W.O.D. Monday 7/1/19


W.O.D. Monday 7/1/19

Another month, another chance to give back!

This July, we are excited to partner with H2OpenDoors to provide safe drinking water to people in need.

Just check in to CFR, tag some friends, and use the hashtag for this month #givewater.💧💦💧

H2OpenDoors is a program of Rotary clubs around the world with the long term goal of providing access to clean, safe drinking water for one million people throughout developing nations. The team of volunteers at H2OpenDoors travel to areas of the world most in need of clean water and install a SunSpring water filtration system that will provide safe drinking water for 10,000 people every day for 10 years. Every check-in this month will provide 50 gallons of safe water to someone in need.

If you want to learn more about H2OPenDoors, you can check them out at www.h2opendoors.org.

Thanks for checking in to give the gift of clean water!


“If people knew how hard I worked to achieve my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all.” – Michelangelo

From a man who is recognized as one of the greatest artists of all time.

There’s the intoxicating myth in our society that there is such a thing as natural, born talent. An “anointed” factor that leads to such heights of achievement.

Yet here he is, Michelangelo himself, expressing his backbone to success.

It’s easy to dismiss achievements to factors we can’t control. To say history is by chance. It’s far harder, to admit that it’s another level of true grit and unrelenting effort. To realize that the great Michaelangelo simply worked his ass off.

When we recognize through his very own admission that his success was found through his unyielding desire to work through adversity after adversity… we too, can see our potential in whatever we choose to pursue.

Greatness is not by chance. It is by choice.
We just need to work for it.

Conditioning W.O.D. – 20 minutes

On the 4:00 minute mark for 5 Rounds complete…
14/10 Calorie Bike
10 Lateral Bar Burpees
5 Power Snatches 155/105


  • 5 round interval workouts, with rounds starting every 4 minutes
  • Ideally rounds are taking 2:30 or less, giving athletes 90 seconds to recover before the next one begins


  • No need to stand to full extension
  • Two foot jump over the bar


  • Choose your heavy “Isabel” weight today
  • Something you could string small sets together with, but will likely complete as singles within the workout


  • Score is the slowest of the 5 rounds
  • Stagger by 2 minutes if short on bikes. If more than 26 athletes, giving us not enough bikes, extra athletes complete a equal calorie row. This can still be RX but make sure to put in notes on Sugar WOD and whiteboard.

On the lateral bar burpee, we want to choose a method that we can maintain for all 10 reps within each set. When we switch up our technique mid set, it’s a pretty good indicator that some degree of panic has set in. It is better to pick a speed or a method that we know we can hang on to rather than switching it up halfway through. The most sustainable option will likely be stepping one foot up close to the bar, then jumping over. Athletes are still able to move with a purpose with the step-up method. The quicker method would be the jump up and jump over method. Pick one you are confident sticking with for all 10 reps.

Launch Button
On the power snatch today, our focus is a controlled pull off the floor with a hard extension through the middle. To do this, we can envision a “Launch Button” sitting high in our pocket. In order to hit the launch button, we have to brush the bar high off the body. To be accurate takes a slower initial pull off the ground with the barbell. Once the barbell hit the launch button, it’s our cue to aggressively jump the bar overhead through our triple extension. Slow off the floor, fast through the middle. See the daily video for a demonstration.


  • With the score being the slowest round today, we want to find a sustainable pace
  • Establish the first round as your slowest round and look to improve by as little as 1 second each time
  • Starting a touch slower than you want to (around 80-85%) keeps you in control for the remaining 4 rounds
  • Gradually increase your pace with each round, finishing with your strongest round in round 5
  • Find a steady moderate-fast pace on the first two movements and work through 5 good looking singles on the barbell