W.O.D. Monday 7/12/21


W.O.D. Monday 7/12/21

Strength – 8 minutes

On an 8:00 Clock, every 1:30:
2 Weighted Pull-Ups
(5 sets)

  • Score = The heaviest load completed
  • The “heaviest” load includes adding load, bodyweight pull-ups, banded pull-ups
  • If bands are used, log the color band used and how many
  • You can add loads by holding a KB on your toes and pinching with other foot as performing the pullups or a DB between legs

“If failure is not an option, neither is success.”

We fear the one who is willing to lose it all. The one who is willing to play full out with no reserves. The one who swings for the fences.

That’s a dangerous person. Dangerous enough… to accomplish something great.

We all have a comfort zone. A status quo. It’s warm, cozy, and familiar. But it’s a box, with a ceiling and walls that we can see and touch. It’s a world that cannot grow further than what it’s already grown to.

If we want to grow, we have to climb out of that world into the unknown. To face that chance that we may fall flat on our face, because we’re walking in new ground. Yet, as much as a “swing and a miss” may sting a bit, there’s something far worse. Worse than any of that is the pain of knowing that we didn’t try.

Life is so short.
There’s no time to bunt.

Let’s swing for the fences.

Conditioning/Strength – 20 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 20 minutes of…
21 Box Jumps (24″/20″)
Max Unbroken Set of Strict Pull-ups

*Score = Total Number of Strict Pull-ups

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00-5:00]
20:00 Workout.
Conditioning Category: Pacer + Strength
The goal is to accumulate as many Strict Pull-Ups across all rounds.
A Pull-Up set ends when the athlete comes off the bar, NOT when the athlete stops doing Pull-Ups, but is still hanging from the bar.
Depending on Pull-Up capacity, strive to achieve between 5-12 every round.
Using a band is highly encouraged if you cannot do more than 5 Strict Pull-Ups consecutively.
If the Pull-Up hits the range-of-motion requirements, but is not performed well, we recommend using a band to help with better body position.

21 Box Jumps should take between :45-1:15. They have been inserted to elevate the heart rate and force the athlete to lift while breathing heavy.

There are no suggestions for today on this movement, except one – choose the option that creates the best movement. If that means taking a band, then take a band. Choose an option in Part 2 (metcon), that allows for at least 5 very challenging repetitions.

Limited Equipment
If Pull-Up bars are limited, share with an athlete.
If sharing is out of the question, have athletes switch to Ring Rows. They are incredibly difficult when performed correctly.
Alternatively, DB Bent-Over at 50/35#

0:00-5:00 Intro (5:00)
5:00-10:00 General Warm-Up (5:00)
10:00-14:00 Specific (Teach Weighted Pull-Up) (4:00)
14:00-22:00 Weighted Pull-Up (8:00)
22:00-23:00 Specific (Box Jump) (1:00)
23:00-28:00 Practice Round & Pre-Workout Break (5:00)
28:00-48:00 Workout (20:00)
48:00-60:00 Cool-Down (12:00)

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-10:00]
Activation/Get Hot
1:00 Single Arm Banded Row (:30 each arm)
:30 Double Foot Hop
1:00 Double Arm Banded Row w/ :3 pause
:30 Mini Tuck Jumps
10 Negative Ring Rows (or Pull-Ups) – not unbroken
:30 Squat Drops

1:00 Child’s Pose on a Box Video

FOCUS: FULL RANGE-OF-MOTION IS STRONG RANGE-OF-MOTION – “Bands can make you strong, even if you have Pull-Ups”. DAILY VIDEO
We most often use bands to help assist with movements that we are not currently strong enough to do by ourselves. Movements such as Pull-Ups, Ring Dips, Pistols, etc fall under that category. But, when we become strong enough to execute the movement through a full range-of-motion, we tend to stop using them because we think we don’t need them. And while that may be true, bands can still be used to help increase strength. Today, we will focus on having a clear chin over the bar at the top of the Pull-Up and a dead stop at the bottom. If we need a band to help achieve this today, let grab one and get strooooooong!!!

Coaches spend 3:00 setting up the class for the Weighted Pull-Up – athletes grab bands, boxes (off to the side), a few DB’s for the loading, and explaining Pt. 1 – The Double Weighted Pull-Up (For 8:00, every 1:30, 2 Weighted Pull-Ups)

For 8:00, every 1:30:
2 Weighted Pull-Ups
Increase the load across each set
*Use any equipment to help perform high quality repetitions

BOX JUMP [21:00-23:00]
10 Air Squats
10 Step Ups
5 Squat Jumps
5 Box Jumps

1 Round
8 Box Jumps
3-5 Strict Pull-Ups
4 Box Jumps
1-3 Pull-Ups

STRATEGY & WORKOUT [28:00-48:00]
The goal is to accumulate as many Pull-Ups as you can. This means being smart about how much rest we take before hopping back up to the bar. We have two main options:

  1. Fast Box Jumps, rest longer before jumping up to the bar.
  2. Slower Box Jumps, shorter rest needed before hopping up to the bar.
    Or a mixture of both.
    It may be an idea to try both and see which one allows for the most amount of Pull-Ups.
    Don’t be tied to one way if it isn’t working.
    If you stop and can squeeze out a few more reps, go for it. Once you drop from the bar the Pull-Up set is done.

COOL-DOWN [48:00-60:00]
Recover 2:00
1:00 Calf Stretch on a Post (each side) Video
1:00 Couch Stretch (each side) Video
1:00 Child’s Pose on a Box Video

[General Order – 1) Can Scale Intensity via loads, reps/distance, time 2) Movements via modifications, substitutions or replacement (injury)]


  • Decrease Box Height
  • Box Step-ups
  • Decrease Reps


  • Banded Pull-ups
  • Ring Rows

Extra Work

100 Abmat Sit-Ups
Every 1:00 (starting at 0:00) do 10 Plank Shoulder Taps
5:00 Time Cap

then into…

4 Sets for Quality
:30 Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold (Left)
:30 Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold (Right)
10 Heavy Double KB Deadlifts