W.O.D. Monday 7/8/19


W.O.D. Monday 7/8/19

The MS Society will be setting up a table at the gym on Monday night from 4-7 pm! They going to make it fun, so feel free to swing by and check it out. We are looking for more riders to register with Team Hope! Please look up Team Hope on Facebook and join the fun! Get some training rides in, donate if you feel led too, and bring awareness to multiple sclerosis!


“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” – Mother Teresa

The simple “thank you” could very well be the most underrated words in vocabulary.

We may be great at “feeling” gratitude, which is ever important. But we often need to remind ourselves of the impact it has, when we express it to another. It’s not the times a stranger holds a door for us, or a clerk gives us change. Although it is proper to say thank you here, it’s more about the times that we don’t have to say it.

Taking a moment to thank a friend, who has always been there for you. Stopping to express to our neighbor how much we enjoy living next to them. Telling a co-worker how lucky we feel to be able to work with them every day.

Although just a second in our day, their echos can “truly be endless”.

Conditioning WOD – 20 minutes

On the 4:00 mark for 5 rounds…
9 Box Overs 30/24
15 Dumbbell Front Squats 50’s/35’s
21/15 Calorie Bike


  • Interval style workout, with rounds beginning every 4 minutes (0:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00)
  • For example, if athletes finish the work in 2 minutes, they have 2 minutes to rest before the next round
  • To get the right stimulus, we should have at least 1 minute of rest before the next round
  • Score is the slowest of the 5 rounds


  • Choose a box that is slightly higher than you normally use


  • Two dumbbells in the front rack
  • Choose a weight you can complete ideally unbroken on every round


  • Stagger by 2 minutes if short on bikes
  • If unable to Bike, complete one of the following:
    • Equal Calorie Row
    • 200 Meter Med ball Run 30/20

Push & Pull
In a fairly lower body dominant workout, the bike is really the only place where we can use the upper half to give the legs a break. While the legs will still generate more power, we can push and pull with the upper body as well to take some pressure off the quads. Instead of just burning out one muscle group, the arms can help athletes maintain a little more intensity to finish out each round.

Hips vs. Legs
The standard on box overs is that you don’t have to stand to full extension on each rep. However, with front squats to follow, it may be beneficial to use a little more hips than legs. If we catch every rep in the bottom of a squat, it’s essentially like doing 24 front squats instead of 15. Being a little more explosive with the hips to catch the box jumps a little higher can save the legs a little for our weighted movement that follows. There are pros and cons to each option.

Cycle Time
There are two ways to cycle the dumbbell for our front squats. The first is a straight up and straight down method, which is a pretty fast cycle time. With this option, we reduce time under tension and get the reps done fairly quickly. However, this option may be more taxing and less sustainable over the five rounds. The second option would be to take a short composure breath at the top of each rep. While it is a little slower of a cycle time, it can reduce the leg burn and keep the heart rate lower. It may also be easier to maintain across each round.


  • Make your first round the slowest and look to maintain to increase each round by just 1 second
  • If we start too fast and enter the panic zone, it’s going to be really difficult both physically and mentally to improve each round


  • Move at a smooth on the high box overs
  • Treat these almost like a buy-in for the squat and bike


  • Try to hold on unbroken and breathe though the front squats


  • Finish with a strong effort on the bike knowing there is rest to come
  • Have an RPM or a Wattage goal that you want to get to and hold (For example: the goal may be to get up to 70+ RPM and hold that to the finish)