W.O.D. Monday 8/26/19


W.O.D. Monday 8/26/19


“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.” – Michael Jordan

There is an invisible, impenetrable ceiling that we can place on ourselves.
It’s our own expectations.

The level of effort we will put in today will be relative to what we believe we can accomplish. If we don’t believe we can lose the weight, we won’t put in the work to lose the weight. If we don’t believe we can get the job, we won’t put in the research and studying to get the job. We can’t summon the effort for something we don’t believe is possible.

Yet, starting with the right mindset is only the first part of the puzzle, and often the easiest part. It’s maintaining the belief, during the guaranteed adversity. This is where most fall – we succumb to the failures and missteps… and we change our expectations. We change our goals, to something more “attainable”. We settle.

That’s when we can remind ourselves that this quote came from a man who was cut from his High School basketball team. He had every reason to change his expectations. Every reason to aim lower, or in a different direction. And that would have been that. Yet – we know the rest of story.

What will be ours?

Conditioning WOD -24 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 8 minutes of…
2 Rope Climbs
6 Hang Power Cleans (185/125)
12/9 Calorie Bike

Rest 8 Minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 8 minutes of…
4 Bar Muscle Ups
8 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
14/11 Calorie Row


  • Barbell starts heavier and gets lighter in round 2
  • 1st AMRAP: Choose a weight you can complete in 1-2 Sets
  • 2nd AMRAP: Choose a weight you can complete in 1 Set


  • Choose a variation or a rep number that you can complete the reps in under a minute each round


  • Scale with 2:1 strict pullups
  • Scale with 8 chest to bar pullups
  • Scale with 4 Ring Rows + 4 ring dips


  • Stagger athletes on opposite 8 minute windows if short on bikes, ropes or rowers
  • If unable to Bike:
    • Equal Calorie Row

Push the Feet Away
One thing we can think about on rope climbs today is the idea of “pushing the feet away”. This subtle shift from “pulling ourselves up” to “pushing the feet away” can help athletes complete these reps with more legs than arms. Especially when paired with hang power cleans, standing with the legs will be beneficial on the rope. Take a look at the daily video for a visual.

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
1/2 Rope Climbs (1:1)
Seated Rope Pulls (1:1)
Pull-ups or Ring Rows (5:1)
Strict Pull-ups (3:1)

Receiving Position
Looking to nail down our hang power clean receiving position today. Although we’re catching these reps above parallel, we should be in a position where we feel comfortable transitioning to below parallel if we needed to. This position involves getting the hips a little further back like we would if these were hang squat cleans. We’ll can add a front squat to the end of each hang power clean in movement prep to drill a strong and balanced receiving position.


  • With rest built in and a drop in weight, we want to bring the intensity
  • Move well and with a purpose on the rope, bar MUs and hang power cleans
  • Minimize rest on those two movements and just aim to get to the bike/rower


  • Heavier Barbell: 1 very quick break if needed
  • Lighter Barbell: Shoot for unbroken sets


  • Adjust bike pace to continue to go big on the other movements