W.O.D. Monday 8/5/19


W.O.D. Monday 8/5/19

🎉Here’s your chance!🎉

NEW Learn To Crossfit Class starting this coming Monday the 5th at 6:30pm!

With your first time always FREE, jump in with other new members and learn the fundamentals and build a foundation before joining the regular group classes!

Can’t make that time? We have options! Just call 732-5433 or message with any questions or to reserve your spot!

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“Let character be your loudest statement.”

The football player wears shoulder pads and a helmet.
The chef puts on an apron.
The accountant brings a suitcase.
These are all identifiables that may come to mind when thinking of those individuals.

What are yours?

Be hard on yourself here. How would others define you?
Let character be what defines you.

Team Conditioning WOD – 25 minutes

Teams of 2, As many reps as possible in 25 minutes of…
3-6-9-12-15 and so forth…
Calorie Row
KB Swings (70/55)
Wallballs (30/20)

Partners Switch After Full Rounds


  • One partner working at a time
  • Teammates will switch after completing full rounds
  • Flow of Workout:
    • Athlete 1 Completes Round of 3
    • Athlete 2 Completes Round of 3
    • Athlete 1 Completes Round of 6
    • Athlete 1 Completes Round of 6
    • ….


  • All athletes will row the same number of calories for logistics


  • Choose weights that you could cycle for 25+ reps unbroken when fresh
  • It’s ok for teammates to be using different weights
  • In the double digit rounds, athletes should be able to complete each movement in 2 sets max


  • Score is total reps completed in the 25 minutes
  • We have 13 rowers. If more than 26 people in a class, Burpeesor SKi Erg, your choice, will be the sub for the row (these can both be RX if needed, please note this on whiteboard and in Sugar WOD)
  • Reps Count For Each Fully Completed Round For 1 Partner:
    • Round of 3: 9
    • Round of 6: 18
    • Round of 9: 27
    • Round of 12: 36
    • Round of 15: 45
    • Round of 18: 54
    • Round of 21: 63
    • Round of 24: 72
    • Round of 27: 81

11 to 1
The row and the kettlebell swing are very similar movements. Both movements involve a strong snap of the hips at the finish. Just like most movements we do, the power comes from closing the hips and opening the hips. This is more commonly executed well on the kettlebell swing than it is on the rower. See the daily video for a visual of how we can use the kettlebell swing as a tool to teach the rowing stroke.

Keeping with the theme of closing the hips and opening the hips, we want to make sure that the wallball is primarily a lower body driven movement. This is where timing and power is key. We’re looking to drive hard with the legs and open the hips hard before finishing the movement with the arms. We’ll prime the movement and timing by going for some extra high wallballs. Throwing the ball higher than 10/9 feet will force athletes to use more hips and display better timing to get the ball elevated.


  • While the work time increases as the reps go up, so does the time the other partner has to rest
  • Use the rest as an incentive to move quickly and hold onto the bell and ball
  • Adjust rowing pace to accomplish large sets on the weighted movements
  • A short break on the larger double digit rounds may be helpful