W.O.D. Monday 9/10/18


W.O.D. Monday 9/10/18


Skills Questions

We’ve had a few people mention they can’t make the skills class on Saturdays but would like an avenue to better themselves at certain movements.  Two things.  This is where I will do my best to post helpful tips and thoughts weekly on a certain movement for you to practice, as a follow up of the Saturday skill, but with a gym schedule full of classes, adding another skills class may not be possible or even attended, based around when it would be offered.  On that note, let me suggest that if you want to get better at a certain movement and lack class time to do so, you should take one weakness, watch some videos, come in before class 10 minutes early, stay 10 minutes late, grab a coach for some quick feedback, and then attack your weaknesses based on this insight.  This may need to be something where you will need to be personally intentional and responsible, if you want to accomplish or be better at a given movement.

This week, based around our skills class on Saturday, is the pullup.  Watch this video to help you get your kipping pullup if needed!   If you want help on bar or ring muscle ups, just ask a coach, and look through some videos, and go get it!

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Olympic Lifting – 14 minutes

Snatch Wave

*Coaches take your time teaching the snatch today, you have time…

*Athletes – notice how the weight starts very light and then increases each minute, but then returns back to light then heavy again, in waves?  This will ensure you have the same form from light to heavy, helping you diagnose any technique issues along the way to eventually try for a new 1 rep max snatch!   Remember, PR means Personal Record (your best snatch lift)

*The numbers below are only a guide, but use them to move from a light to heavy snatch each wave, even if it means starting with a PVC or just loading 2.5 or 5 lbs plates each minute onto your bar

Min 1: 60# under PR
Min 2: 50# under PR
Min 3: 40# under PR
Min 4: 30# under PR
Min 5: 50# under PR
Min 6: 40# under PR
Min 7: 30# under PR
Min 8: 20# under PR
Min 9: 40# under PR
Min 10: 30# under PR
Min 11: 20# under PR
Min 12: 10# under PR

Min 13-14: attempt a new 1 rep max with these 2 minutes

Conditioning WOD – 6 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 6 minutes of…

15 Power Snatches 75/55

25 Double Unders

*DO NOT DROP THE TENS!  If you have ten pound plates on your bar or smaller, do not drop from overhead!  #SaveTheTens

*Scale Double Unders with 1:1 Bar hops OR 2:1 singles

Post greatest snatch weight achieved and rounds + reps in conditioning!