W.O.D. or Redo 21.3/4 Monday 3/29/21


W.O.D. or Redo 21.3/4 Monday 3/29/21

Strength – 20 minutes
Front Squat Cycle

*With the volume of the current squat cycle mixed with regular programming, please do not deviate from these or increase these percentages EVER. We have to keep you healthy and not overtrain while still increasing your strength over time.

***COACHES – please allow several minutes on these days for athletes to work up to 80% today before starting. Conditioning workouts will be shorter or simpler to accommodate the time needed here.

6 sets of 5 at 80% of your 1 rep max front squat (all sets at the same weight)

*If you have not tested your 1 rep front squat max, please use this time to do so before we go any deeper into the squat cycle!

Conditioning WOD – 8 minutes

As many reps as possible in 8 minutes of…

Wall Balls 30/20

*Starting at 0:00, and every minute on the minute, you must complete 5 unbroken deadlifts 275/185
*If you break the deadlifts at any time, its an automatic 5 burpee penalty on the spot, then you may resume where you left off.