W.O.D./Recovery from Murph Tuesday 5/29/18


W.O.D./Recovery from Murph Tuesday 5/29/18

Conditioning WOD – EMOM 30 minutes

*Although this may be listed as a “recovery” workout, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be easy to complete, but rather will have light and different movements than Murph, where you can shake out some of the soreness, and scale accordingly based on how you feel. The weight won’t be demanding, but rather the speed of these movements will be.  For those who didn’t attend Murph, consider this a fun and challenging workout, where you can scale as needed! Scaling options below.

*Coaches- based on size of class, start athletes at different stations with RX athletes on the Bike.  Line up Bikes at front facing clock, tight up against the rig with rowers and boxes lining up on other sides of the main gym area.  

Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes complete…

Min 1: 15/11 Calorie Bike (male/female)

Min 2: 15 Single Arm Alt. DB Clean & Jerk R/L=2 50/35

Min 3: 50 Double Unders

Min 4: 15/11 Cal Row

Min 5: 15 Box Step Ups with plate in hands 20″ R/L=2 45/25

Min 6: Rest

*Scaling – if a minute laps you at any time, next time you are to that particular movement, aim to work as hard as you can for 50 seconds of that minute and then rest and transition accordingly.

*Clean and Jerks must be alternating arms, where the DB always touches the ground between reps

*Scale Double Unders with 75 singles OR 1:1 line jumps

Post whether you RXd or scaled this workout, and mention how you scaled particular movements as well.  You can do this on Sugar WOD if needed to help track your workouts!