W.O.D. Saturday 4/27/19 – Only 9am class. No 10am.


W.O.D. Saturday 4/27/19 – Only 9am class. No 10am.

Reminder! Only 9am class today. Knock out your workout and grab a CFR shirt to wear and go show your support at the Lift Up A Child Competition for your fellow members like we always do at each area competition!

Here are your CFR competitors this weekend! Check out this Facebook page link for schedule and heats placements for your crew!

-We Lift More than We Make – Skyler Scates/Cheyann Esley
-Muscle Mamas – Kristen Hook/Erin Powell
-Mother Thrusters – Kristy Holman/Sabrina Gilkey
-Fueled and Fighting – Amanda Jeane/Michelle Lopez
-Han Squat So Low – Chrisy Cook/Ashley Knoll
-Car Ramrod – Michael Battle/Tychus McCoy
-Strong as a Mother – Samantha Buckridge/Christina Barrett
-Don’t Give a Squat – Denise Vaugh/Kristin Steele
-AMRAP then AMNAP – Jordan Fuellner/Chance Martin
-CFRx-ish – Spencer Jones/Michael Knoll
-Swole Sisters – Nicole Fitzpatrick/Jessica Worden
-Kippin’ Sexy – Ashley Shine/Jennifer Bratten

Conditioning WOD – 20 minutes

5 Rounds for TOTAL reps:
1 Minute Wallballs 20/14
1 Minute Push Presses 95/65
1 Minute Calorie Bike
1 Minute Rest


  • Fight gone bad style workout
  • 3 minutes on, 1 minute rest
  • Score is total reps across the five rounds


  • 30+ when fresh on the barbell and the ball


  • Max calorie row if you can’t bike
  • Start athletes in different groups if short on bikes or wall balls

Whole Leg
The wallball and the push press both require a very upright torso. In order to keep the toro upright, the quads have to do quite a bit of work. Knowing we have the bike after both of these movements, we can look to get the other muscle groups move involved to keep the intensity a little higher. The focus here will be about driving down with the hips and/or pulling the foot up. This can get the glutes and the hamstrings more involved, preventing the overloading burn of one muscle group that can cause athletes to slow down.

3 points of contact with the upper and lower body is something we’ve touched on before, but having the push press paired with the wallball really drives the point home.

When we’re holding the barbell, three points of contact with the upper body is a no brainer. We have both hands and then the middle of the bar resting on the body. This allows the hips to do the majority of the work and saves the shoulder a bit from excess fatigue.

That third point of contact can sometimes get lost on the lighter wallball. The chin, or even the chest, could be that third point of contact. It serves the same purpose as the bar, allowing the powerful hips to be the main mover.

With some high interference between these two movements, three points of contact is a must. Not only with the upper body, but with the feet as well. Drive the big toe, pinky toe, and heel into the ground in the dip position and in the bottom of the squat.


  • Score is total reps across the five rounds
  • Keep a running count as your move through the three movements
  • One option is 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off within the first two movements
  • Another option would be 2 rounds of: 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off


  • With the big range of motion of the wallball, it’s going to be more difficult to get a lot of reps
  • Be a touch more conservative here to save some energy for the big money maker, the push press


  • Have the most to gain from the push press as far as reps go
  • Heavier weight, but shorter range of motion than the wallball
  • Try to get more reps here than on the first movement


  • Coming off the push press, the first few calories will feel slow
  • Think of working within three different gears
  • 20 second easy, 20 seconds moderate, 20 seconds fast
  • Allows you to settle in and then build speed before the one minute of rest