W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 5/12/18


W.O.D. and Skills Class Saturday 5/12/18

Conditioning WOD – 40 min cap

For Time:

27-21-15-9 reps/cals of…

Calorie Row
KB Alt. Snatches 55/35 R/L=2
KB Goblet Stationary Lunges 55/35 R/L=2

-400m Run after each round-

*If low on KBs at certain weights, grab a dumbbell at similar weight and post on the whiteboard or Sugar WOD according to what weight you used.

Post total times!

Skills Class 10-10:30AM

*reminder that most every Saturday we offer a Skills class from 10-10:30AM immediaetly after the workout, covering a different skill each week!  Check it out each week and determine if you need it!  Its FREE!

Single and Double Unders 

*If you are not able to do 20 singles in a row, lets focus on that before moving to double unders

*Jump/Speed ropes are for sale up front if needed

In class we will look at…

Single jump rope and double under form

  • staying relaxed
  • standing tall 
  • glutes are tight
  • core is squeezed
  • elbows are close to body
  • wrists are turning the rope
  • practicing single to double transition
  • bigger jumps on double unders