W.O.D. Saturday 6/8/19


W.O.D. Saturday 6/8/19


“The caliber of your life, is the caliber of your emotions.” – Ed Mylett

Head, Heart, Hands. This concept is from Jim Kwik.

Every action originates as a thought in our head. But execution is a whole another story. It doesn’t go head -> hands. There’s a step between that decides if it makes it. The heart.

It’s the emotional connection. Our level of buy-in. We could have the most grandiose plan of all time, but if we aren’t bought in fully with our heart… we know it will never work.

Our life is directly proportional to the level of commitment we have to our chosen path. To the buy-in to our plan. As we move through our day, let’s consider this concept of Head, Heart, Hands. Is our heart bought into where we are spending our time? Or are we finding that we’re moving through the motions?

Head, Heart, Hands. Our reasons are what reaps our results.

Conditioning WOD

3 Rounds for time of…

800m Run OR 1000/700m Row (your choice)
30 Kettlebell Swings 70/55
30 Ring Pushups


  • Looking for a longer workout today (25-30 Minutes)
  • Around 4-5 Minutes for the Run/Row
  • Around 4-5 Minutes for the Swings and Pushups


  • Should be able to complete 15+ unbroken reps when fresh
  • Shooting for 4-5 sets max within today’s workout
  • Pushups should be done with rings as close to floor as possible or use a box underneath the feet to make body parallel to ground for RX. Otherwise to scale, incline your body as much as needed while still using the rings. Hand release pushups would be another scale after this option.

We can do some things to minimize the amount of shoulder fatigue here.

The first is to slightly loosen the grip. Our hands will never actually come off the kettlebell, but we want to make sure we’re not death gripping the bell. The second thing we can do is be aware of our breathing. The slight weightless moment at the top of the swing is a great time to hear yourself exhale. Keeping a good rhythm with the breath can help you stay under control.

Hips & Knees
With the first focus today being a relaxed upper body, we can now focus on what our lower body is doing to help out. Let’s try and get more out of the legs to take some pressure off the arms. On the descent, the hips move back and the knees move out. On the way up, we want to be aggressive with our swing by straightening the hips and knees. Think of these as a lower body launches, not upper body throws.

Kettlebell Swing Movement Prep
With a Lighter Weight:
5 Kettlebell Deadlifts
5 Russian Kettlebell Swings
5 Kettlebell Swings

Upper Body
On the run today, we can also focus in on the upper body. Two things to think about. The first is keeping the hands relaxed. If the hands are relaxed, the upper body and arms follow their lead. If the hand is clenched, we’re adding unnecessary strain. Second thing is keeping the shoulder joint fixed. If we move up and down or forward and back, we’re working harder than we need to be. Keeping the upper half relaxed leads to more efficient running and better movements inside.


  • Find a smooth running pace that allows you to come in and steadily chip away at the 60 reps


  • Use the first run as a buy-in
  • Taking this one a little easier gives you a better feel for the overall round of work


  • Take the 60 total reps of movements into account when thinking of break-up strategies
  • Shoot for 3-5 sets on each
    • 3 Sets: 10-10-10
    • 4 Sets: 10-8-6-6
    • 5 Sets: 8-7-6-5-4