W.O.D. Saturday 8/10/19


W.O.D. Saturday 8/10/19


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a difference between one who is “there”, and one who is “being there”.

Many of us here are parents. You would understand more than most how being present is everything. A parent can go to their kids’ soccer game, and sit in the stands on their phone, awaiting the end. Or they can go to the game, and passionately be there. Not by yelling or cheering, but by intently wanting to be there. One is “just there”. The other is “being there”.

We can go on a family vacation because, “it’s what families do once a year”, or we can go on a family vacation because we want to spend more time with each other without the distractions of our daily lives. From the outside looking in, it may or may not be as visibly obvious as the effects it leaves.

The obvious application here is in our training. If we were to go through the motions in “Fran” (21-15-9 Thruster/Pull-Up), with a relaxed, 15:00 completion time… there is very little benefit.

The less obvious is our daily encounters outside the gym. Where we may be going through the motions. Is it a lack-luster goodbye to our significant other before leaving for work? Is it greeting an employee with a “How are you?” even though we don’t mean it?

It’s okay to discover these in our daily lives. They happen, as we become comfortable in a routine. Doesn’t mean they should stay that way.

Conditioning WOD

35/25 Calorie Bike

50-40-30-20-10 reps of…
Double Unders
AbMat Sit-ups

35/25 Calorie Bike


  • Completing the CrossFit benchmark workout “Annie” with bike calories on either end


  • If unable to Bike, complete one of the following:
    • 750 Meter Row
    • 600 Meter Run 


  • Choose a double under variation that you can get the bigger sets done in 90 seconds or less


  • Stagger heats by 3-5 minutes if short on machines

Push the Air Out
How we breathe on the AbMat can help us minimize midline fatigue and have better mechanics. Exhaling as you fold back over the AbMat enables athletes to better fold over without having the hips rise off the ground. If we have a full belly of air or a tight stomach as we fold over, it makes it much harder to extend over the mat and taxes the core a little extra. Let the AbMat push the air out of you on the way down, and breathe in on the way up.

Elbows Back
We’ll talk about three things with the double unders. The first is positioning to set yourself up for success. From a standing position, we can simply think about bringing the elbows back until the hands are directly in front of the hip bones. With the hands and elbows close to the body, we have better control of the slack and keep the rope as long as possible. The further the hands are from the body in any direction, the easier it becomes to trip.

It’s All in the Wrists
The second thing to think about is relaxing the hands. When we’re gripping the handle tight, we can’t physically rotate the wrist joint. This means everything we do has to come from the shoulders. Keep the hands loose so you’re able to make tight circles with the wrists to spin the rope around the body.

Put the Practice In
The last thing to consider when looking to improve on double unders is how much you practice. The more consistently this higher skill movement is deliberately practiced outside of class, the more likely you are to see progress. It doesn’t have to be a long practice session. Something is always better than nothing. Even adding it to your warmup or pre-class routine can be helpful if it’s something you want to work on. Today, we’ll take some time to practice the movement in a low intensity environment. We can go with an EMOM format, working for 20-30 seconds each minute. This format is short and simple to implement before or after classes. For athletes who don’t have double unders, this is a great time to practice the timing and positioning. For athlete who do have double unders, this is a good opportunity to fine tune things or play around with different speeds.

Movement Prep
20 Seconds Easy Single Unders
20 Seconds Higher Single Unders
EMOM 5-8: 20-30 Seconds of Double Under Practice (Rest Until the Top of the Minute)

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
Practice Times: 90-75-60-45-30 Seconds of Practice
Single Unders: 75-60-45-30-15 Reps


  • Hold back on the first bike to set yourself up for a good “Annie”
  • Smash the last bike, using the Round of 10 as your transition round


  • Go big on the dubs and try to pace the sit-ups as needed to continue to go big
  • If you’re confident on the rope, speed through the sit-ups
  • If you’re not as confident, keep moving at a slower pace to get back to the rope under control