W.O.D. Thursday 9/12/19


W.O.D. Thursday 9/12/19

*There will be no endurance of GOAT workout today, like usual. Hop in this daily WOD and knock out some reps over 24 minutes!


“A hero is one that knows how to hang on for one, minute, longer.” – Norweigan Proverb

Often the difference between those who make it, and those who don’t.

If we want to see it through, we have got to be able to hang on. To push further than before. Success is like a wrestling match, with bouts of incredibly high intensity, and full of twists and turns. But in that… it’s a test of endurance.

The math is there. If we stop… we won’t make it. That part is guaranteed, as life is not a lottery. It’s instead what we make of it.

Conditioning WOD – 24 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 24 minutes of…
20 Alt. DB Snatches 50/35
20/15 Calorie Bike
20 Plate Hold Box Step-Ups 45/35lb 24/20
20 Pull-ups


  • Using a single dumbbell in this longer AMRAP workout
  • Looking to complete 4+ to 5+ rounds, or rounds taking less than 6 minutes to complete


  • Pick a weight that you can complete the snatches and box step-ups with 1 break max each round
  • For the dumbbell snatches, alternate hands every rep for a total of 20 reps
  • For the box step-ups, hold the a plate however you’d like and alternate legs for a total of 20 reps
  • If low on DBs, please find a kettlebell of similar weight top use for the snatch


  • Choose a bar pull-up rep number or variation that you can complete in 3-4 quick sets within the workout


  • If unable to Bike, Complete one of the following:
    • Equal Calorie Row
    • 200 Meter Run
  • If short on machines, stagger athletes on different movements and share equipment as needed

Get Behind the Bar
On the pull-ups, let’s think about getting further behind the bar. Doing so allows athletes to use more lats in a workout that involves a fair amount of pulling back to back. Press down with straight arms to get further behind the bar. This puts you in a more horizontal position. While it may be a little slower, of a cycle time it is definitely more sustainable throughout the workout.

Movement Subs
Reduce Reps
Banded Pull-ups
Jumping Pull-ups
Ring Rows

Straight Arm Jump
At the end of the first round and the start of the second, we go from pull-ups to dumbbell snatches. Instead of overly taxing the arms here by bending the arm early, let’s jump with a straight arm before we pull. Let’s maximize these 40 consecutive reps by keeping the arms straighter for longer.

Movement Prep
With Lighter Weight:

Holding the Plate & Switching Feet
The two things we’ll cover today on the plate box step-ups are how to best hold the bell and how to switch feet most efficiently.


  • With the bike following the snatches, where we can always keep moving, let’s look to go big here
  • Shoot for 20 straight or 10-10 on the opening dumbbell movement


  • On the Bike, move at a moderate pace that allows you to attack the plate step-ups


  • It might be best to rest the plate on the shoulder or behind the back to grip/shoulder fatigue for the pull-ups to come


  • The pull-ups aren’t necessarily about big sets, rather finding a break-up that limits rest and that you can sustain beyond the first round
  • 1 Set: 20
  • 2 Sets: 10-10 or 12-8
  • 3 Sets: 8-7-5 or 10-5-5