W.O.D. Wednesday 1/17/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 1/17/18

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Strength – 18 minutes

Overhead Pressing Complex – 4 sets

Off the rack without dropping or reracking the bar complete…

7 Strict Shoulder Presses + 5 Push Presses + 3 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk

*Build in weight as you go. You may complete as many sets as you’d like, but you will only post a score for your 4 best complexes achieved.

Conditioning WOD

For time…

80 KB Snatches 70/55

*Everytime you change hands or put the KB down, you complete 8 Burpees on the spot

*Typical KB snatches we touch the ground and we alternate arms.  In this workout, you CANNOT touch the ground between reps and may use one arm as long as you’d like.

Post best 4 scores completed on the complex, and time of WOD!