W.O.D. Wednesday 1/6/21


W.O.D. Wednesday 1/6/21

“If you know your opponent, but not yourself, you will lose 100% of the time.” – Samurai Proverb

To “keep up with the Jones” is an old expression about competitive neighbors. A power struggle – or perhaps better said popularity struggle – of status on the block. To “keep up”, one must be on top of their investigative game, predicting the next big move so they can outmatch. That may be a nicer lawn or a fancier family Christmas card.

As we visualize these friendly rivals battling it out on the block, it’s safe to say that both sides… will lose. There won’t be a winner there.

We can study our competition into great length. And, we will indeed learn some absolutely beneficial statistics. But all the external statistics in the world won’t move us forward until we turn the investigative glasses to: ourselves.

Strength/Cardio Mashup – 30 minutes

0:00 – 10:00…

Strength – 10 Minutes:
Establish Heavy Set of 3 Bench Press

Rest 5 Minutes then complete…

15:00 – 23:00…
Cardio – 8 Minutes:
Max Calorie Machine

Rest 5 Minutes then complete…

28:00 – 30:00…
Skill – 2 Minutes:
Max Double Unders

WORKOUT BRIEF [0:00 – 5:00]

  • Today’s three-part workout includes one strength, one cardio, and one gymnastics piece
  • Your final score will be the total reps combined at the three stations:
  • Part One: Heaviest Weight Lifted Unbroken
  • Part Two: Total Calories
  • Part Three: Total Reps


  • Gradually build in weight over the 10 minutes to something heavy for 3 reps
  • If you aren’t able to use a spotter, do not put clips on the bar


  • With 5 minutes of rest to follow, look to give a strong effort here


  • Single unders can be substituted for this station (place score in scaled and mention single unders were used)

GENERAL WARM-UP [5:00-12:00]
3 Rounds
1 Minute Machine (Increase Intensity Each Round)
45 Seconds Push-up to Down Dog Video
30 Seconds Single Unders

TEACHING [12:00-20:00]

  • While the bench press is an upper body movement, the lower body can help create a strong foundation
  • Look to constantly push the feet into the floor to maintain full body tension
  • If you’re too short to maintain contact, it can be helpful to stack some plates under the feet
  • Push down, but not so hard that it causes a significant arching of the lower back

Movement Prep

  • 30 Seconds Empty Bar Bench Press (Slow)

MACHINE – Let’s discuss bike form

  • The bike tends to be more of a quad dominant movement
  • Just mashing down on the pedals can burn out the quads
  • One way we can get the hamstrings more involved to create more power and push of local muscle fatigue is to pull up slightly with each rotation
  • Imagine wiping dirt off your feet in the bottom of the rotation to get the hamstrings more involved

Movement Prep

  • 30 Seconds Moderate Machine


  • To maintain efficient jumping mechanics, we can think about pushing the feet into the floor
  • This creates good elevation, but also keeps the legs under the body
  • Pushing the toes towards the ground prevents the feet from piking forward or kicking backwards
  • This minimizes the likelihood that the rope makes contact with the feet
  • Check out the Daily Video for more on this teaching point

Movement Prep

  • 30 Seconds Double Taps (No Rope) Video
  • 30 Seconds Double Under Practice

PRACTICE ROUND [20:00-25:00]
1 Round
30 Seconds Double Unders
1 Minute Machine
10 Light Bench Press

STRATEGY + WOD [25:00-60:00]

  • There isn’t too much strategy on any of these stations today
  • Bench Press:
  • Use the whole 10 minutes to gradually build up in weight
  • It may help to go with 1 set every 2 minutes (5 total)
  • Machine:
  • See if you can hold one pace for the first 7 minute and blast the final minute
  • Double Unders:
  • Just look to move for as much of the two minutes as possible
  • Look to take 2-3 breath between breaks before getting right back into the next set


  • Strict Press
  • Push Press


  • Max Single Unders