W.O.D. Wednesday 10/17/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 10/17/18

Conditioning WOD – 30 minutes (Interval training)

*3 scores

*Coaches – if larger class and low on boxes or weights, have athletes partner up based around deadlift strength to share a bar and have 2 groups.  One group is working while the other uses the 5 minute rest, switching back and forth until all 3 rounds are complete as written.

Complete three, 5:00 minute rounds with a 5:00 minute rest between each:

100 Double Under Buy-In for each…

followed by as many rounds + reps as possible:
Round 1: 12 Deadlifts 185/135, 4 Burpee Box Overs 30/24
Round 2: 8 Deadlifts 225/155 4 Burpee Box Overs 30/24
Round 3: 4 Deadlifts 275/185, 4 Burpee Box Overs 30/24

*To keep the intensity high, if you cannot string together at least 20 double unders together consistently, consider doing singles or line hops or bar hops based on your ability level.

Post all 3 rounds + reps scores individually!