W.O.D. Wednesday 10/23/19


W.O.D. Wednesday 10/23/19

Join us Saturday at 9 and 10am, as we partner with the Down Syndrome Group of the Ozarks! They are the only non-profit in Southwest Missouri that works specifically with families influenced by Down syndrome.

For Down Syndrome Awareness month we will honor one of their kiddos with a workout and event. To know more about this organization follow this link!

He refers to himself as “Bob Chicken” 😊


Gabe can’t do a pull up or a dead lift. But he can make you laugh like you’ve never laughed before. He oozes joy and it’s infectious. He has this sixth sense about him that draws him to those who need him the most. When he finds that person, they won’t ever be the same again; they’ll be better than they were before. He will show you a tenderness and compassion that will bring you to your knees.

Gabe can’t tie his shoes and his burpees resemble something more like spit up. But he can show you how to persevere and never quit. He will teach you that even if you can’t do it the same way as someone else, you can do it your way and be just as amazing. He will show you that can’t is just another word for underestimated.

Gabe can’t jump rope without getting tangled up and his jumping jacks are some bizarre crossbreed between a skip and a spasm. But he can show you what unconditional love looks like. He can teach you how to see past the outside appearance and assumptions and into the heart of a person. He can show you what true acceptance really looks like.

Gabe can’t always get his mouth to make the chants and cheers of support that he wants it to. But he can teach you that communication is more than just words. It’s a chubby hand holding yours, it’s a kind pat on the back, it’s a thumbs up and a cheesy wink. He can show you that words are meaningless and actions are everything.

Gabe has Down syndrome and sometimes those around him make the mistake of assuming he can’t or won’t. But Gabe frequently proves that he can and will. While he may not be the most coordinated, the strongest, or the fastest, he is one of the coolest 7 years old’s you will meet. We should all work hard to be more like him.

-Sherry, Gabe’s mom


“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

We can all agree that the single constant in our universe is that things will change. From the most successful, to the struggling, we’ll all experience change.

Yet there is something that separates the successful and the struggling. Not the type of change – because that’s again just part of our world. But instead, the response to it.

Change isn’t positive or negative in and of itself. It is our internal interpretation of the event that dictates whether it was good or bad. Where thoughts become actions, perception becomes reality.

When we actively remind ourselves that events don’t shape our world, and that our thoughts towards them do, we can see the growth opportunity in every moment. We just have to look for it.

For Time:
1000 Meter Row
75/50 Calorie Bike
50 Box Overs (24/20)
75/50 Calorie Bike
1000 Meter Row


  • Looking for this cardio heavy chipper workout to take somewhere between 20-30 minutes to complete
  • Here are the general time ranges we can expect for each movement:
  • Rows: 3:30 – 5 Minutes
  • Bikes: 5 – 7 Minutes
  • Box Overs: 2-4 Minutes


  • Stagger by 5 minutes if short on rowers


  • If unable to bike, complete one of the following:
  • 800 Meter Run
  • 50 Shuttle Runs (cones 30ft apart)
  • Increase Each Row to 2,000 Meters


  • There is no need to stand to full extension at the top of the box overs

Push, Don’t Pull
We can change our perspective on the rower by thinking of pushing the machine away instead of pulling the handle into the body. When we think about pushing, athletes are able to generate more power with the legs. Push the legs straight before leaning back and pulling.

Knee Position
Proper knee position on the bike allows athletes to get the most out of their effort. During each revolution, we can aim to keep the knee in line with the foot. Keeping this alignment instead of letting the knee flare out at the top enables more force to be transferred into the machine.

Head Position
Head position is also important on the bike. Keeping a neutral head allows athletes to effectively breathe. Try to keep the chin up so the airway can stay unrestricted. Only look down at the monitor with the eyes, not the whole head.

Think of the box jump overs as another machine. We would never get off or stop on the bike or the rower during the workout (hopefully) if we paced it out correctly. If we can keep moving on the box like we do on the machines, we’ve conquered that piece of wood. Whether you stand up all the way or stay low, step off or rebound – just pick a method that allows you to keep moving for all 50 reps without slowing down. The best option is the one that works best for you. Smooth is fast.


  • A great rule of thumb in this chipper workout is that you should be able to replicate or improve your machine pace the second time around
  • For example if you hold a 2:00 Pace/500 on the rower and 75 RPMs on the bike on the first half, you should ideally be able to do the same on the back half
  • Set that target and try to repeat or beat it


  • Like we talked about in teaching points, the box jump overs are all about rhythm
  • Treat this movement like a machine and just keep moving
  • Put yourself on cruise control and find a pace you won’t deviate from for 50 reps