W.O.D. Wednesday 10/7/20


W.O.D. Wednesday 10/7/20

Many of you have already saw this post on the CFR family page. A quick programming note!

For those who are interested. I want to give our athletes the ability to grow and succeed as far as they’d like. Released with our daily workouts (if strength is not programmed), I will start writing consistent strength work as our “extra work” outside of the daily workout, as well as continued accessory I’ve already been writing, such as core, skills, cardio training, etc. This way for those who want more, I can help take the guess work out of it for you to get to the next level without you overtraining and then still recover for the next day. Also I will start giving options to more skilled movements (MUs, squat snatch, HSPUs, etc) in the daily workouts as well, to increase the technical side and challenge athletes that would like it.

  1. For extra work – You must have done the daily WOD or plan on doing the daily WOD to do this. This keeps unity at the gym. The community is where the magic happens and the greatest results are found. If you want to come in and do some of this accessory on your “active recovery” day where you won’t complete the daily WOD, please let the coach know. But this will be fine if the guidelines above are met on other days and not abused.
  2. During COVID – Please stay aware of your time before or after class if you decide to do this. Extra work written should not last more than 30-45 minutes at a max. Please don’t push this. We want to limit the number of bodies in the gym at one time. If you decide to do the work, please find a place of isolation far away from the class so there is no distraction.
  3. There may be a limit of space and/or equipment during busy class times. Please be mindful of that. The class will need to come first. So if either is limited, please try to find another time to do your extra work if possible.

I hear your thoughts and ideas, and they mean a lot to me. I always want to do my best to meet the needs of our members the best we can. Go get it! Blessings! -Macy


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a difference between one who is “there”, and one who is “being there”.

Many of us here are parents. You would understand more than most how being present is everything. A parent can go to their kids’ soccer game, and sit in the stands on their phone, awaiting the end. Or they can go to the game, and passionately be there. Not by yelling or cheering, but by intently wanting to be there. One is “just there”. The other is “being there”.

We can go on a family vacation because, “it’s what families do once a year”, or we can go on a family vacation because we want to spend more time with each other without the distractions of our daily lives. From the outside looking in, it may or may not be as visibly obvious as the effects it leaves.

The obvious application here is in our training. If we were to go through the motions in “Fran” (21-15-9 Thruster/Pull-Up), with a relaxed, 15:00 completion time… there is very little benefit.

The less obvious is our daily encounters outside the gym. Where we may be going through the motions. Is it a lack-luster goodbye to our significant other before leaving for work? Is it greeting an employee with a “How are you?” even though we don’t mean it?

It’s okay to discover these in our daily lives. They happen, as we become comfortable in a routine. Doesn’t mean they should stay that way.

Team workout – 35 min running clock

0:00 – 25:00 – As a team of two complete for time:

*Separate equipment used in your own box like a typical WOD, to remain COVID friendly

150/100 Calorie Machine
50 Overhead Squats 95/65
50 Toes-to-bars
25 Overhead Squats 155/105
25 Ring MUs/35 Bar MUs/65 Chest to bar PUs/85 Pullups (your choice for RX)
150/100 Calorie Machine

then, 25:00-35:00 from the rack, establish a 1 rep overhead squat combined team weight total.

  • Break up reps with your partner, but only one may be working at a time.
  • It mixed team of 1 male and 1 female, complete 125 cals on the machine
    *If odd number, and have to go solo, either join another team, and shadow the athlete of your choice. When they go you go. This will give you the same stimulus needed for the workout. Or you may go solo and work for 30 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, cutting the reps in half. This will give you a similar stimulus.
    *Scale Pullups 1:1 with 85 ring rows, 85 banded pullups or 85 jumping pullups

Option 1 – Extra Work (before or after class)

Snatch – 30 minutes to complete
From the rack complete…
a. 5 sets of 3 heaving snatch balance (working up to 75% of 1 rep snatch)
b. 5 sets of 2 Snatch Pulls to shrug (working up to 110% of 1 rep snatch)
c. 5 sets of 1 Squat Snatch (work up to a moderate weight, putting all the pieces of the puzzle together)
Rest 60 seconds between each set of all the above

Option 2 – Extra Work (before or after class)

Gymnastic Stamina
On the 3:00 x 5 Rounds:
30 Double Unders
30% of Max Ring Muscle-ups
30 Double Unders
30% of Max Strict Handstand Push-ups

Recovery Machine with Time Remaining

*If you cannot cannot complete muscle ups or Handstand pushups, swap out with 30% of max set of pullups and either kipping handstand pushups OR complete DB push presses