W.O.D. Wednesday 11/15/17


W.O.D. Wednesday 11/15/17

In case you missed the CFR family post on Facebook!


So you don’t forget, we will be doing a Thanksgiving Day 5k/Crossfit workout!
Voted on by you, you guys have shown that we not only want a workout that morning to take place at CFR, but you the members have spoken on our event name as the CFR Feast Mode 5k!

This workout will happen at 8:30am to be early enough to get to your family functions later that day, but not too early to use staying in bed as an excuse! Yeah you heard me 

This will be ran much like a typical workout, with childcare available. While I won’t release the workout yet, it will consist of a 5k of running and/or rowing with periods of pure lightweight crossfit movements, making a fun mix up. Based on numbers of people, we may release in heats.

This event will benefit Ozarks Food Harvest with any canned food donations you can bring with you and your check-ins to CFR on Facebook will continue to donate food for the hungry through CFR giving for each check in!

Can’t wait to share this holiday with you. I’ll make the announcement soon on Facebook to share with family and friends!


Conditioning WOD- 40 min cap

25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5 reps of…

Double Unders

Wall Balls 20/14  CompRx 30/20

Ring Rows  CompRX 5,4,3,2,1 Rope climbs

Immediately into…

3 Rounds of…

20 Deadlifts 225/155
20 Ring Dips

Immediately into…

75 Air Squats  CompRX – 30 Alt. Pistols (one legged)

***Ring Rows – RX must have body as close parallel to ground with legs locked straight, as you must also touch the rings to your chest and then back to full extension for each rep

***Ring Dips – RX shoulders must drop below elbows and then back to full lock out – watch video – https://youtu.be/Vt0lO4jpIDo

*Scale Double Unders 2:1 with singles or 1:1 with line or bar hops

Post total times!