W.O.D. Wednesday 11/22/17


W.O.D. Wednesday 11/22/17

Reminders –

Team Strength- 14 minutes

*Power or Squat snatch may be used

*One Bar only unless mixed teams male/female

In teams of 2… every minute on the minute for as long as possible complete… (14 min cap)

Find a total combined weight as a team using this EMOM snatch ladder

Guys RX:  start at 115

Girls RX:  start at 75

*RX – Teammates must add 10lbs every minute until you fail.

*Scaling – start at a considerably light weight and add weight each minute that challenges you as you go.

*If you miss a lift, that athlete can take as many attempts as needed within the minute.  Once that minute is up, if they have not hit that lift, then their last weight achieved is their final score, and they are done, as they wait for the other athlete to finish.

*You may only have 1 bar, and must be strategic about moving up in weight.  Once both athletes have finished, add both athlete’s final weights together for a total score.

Team Conditioning WOD – 14 minutes

*Teams of 2, alternating full rounds  (15, 30, tag… and so on…)

As many rounds + reps as possible in 14 minutes of…

15 Snatches 75/55

30 Double Unders

*Scale DUs with 60 singles

Post total snatch weight achieved on best lifts and rounds + reps achieved on the WOD!