W.O.D. Wednesday 12/19/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 12/19/18

Conditioning WOD – 30-34 minutes

*Coachesif large class, start a second group on the 2 minute mark. If a third group is needed, start another heat at the 4 minute mark. 2 minutes should be long enough to get most if not all through the bike portion for the next group. This will make the overall running clock 34 minutes if 3 heats is needed. As a cushion for any athletes that may take more than 2 minutes on the bike, there are 12 bikes, please do not send more than 8-10 athletes in any given heat allowing more bikes readily available for the next heat as needed.

5 Rounds…

As many reps of snatch as possible in 4 minutes..
1000/700m Bike (male/female)
25 Pullups/7 Ring Muscle Ups (your choice, both are RX)
Max Power Snatches in remaining time 135/95

2 Minutes Rest Between each round

*If the 4 minute mark laps you before you get to the snatches, scale both the bike and pullup quantities, so you get work on both, yet still make it to the snatch

*This workout needs your intensity.  Quick transitions from movements are huge here.  Move quickly.  4 minutes will elapse quickly.

*Scale pullups 1:1 with jumping or banded pullups (coaches please review for newer athletes)
*If you cannot complete Ring Muscle Ups, complete the pullups for intensity rather than scaling with a MU progression

Post one score of total snatches achieved!