W.O.D. Wednesday 12/5/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 12/5/18

Let this settle in… ????

The combination of our Thanksgiving Feast Mode 5k event and our monthly contribution as a gym, we were able to help provide over 125,000 meals to children in need!

Thank you for your generosity for all those involved!!!????

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Skill Session – 16 minutes

*Coaches – as a part of the warm up, teach these movements and allow the class to play with them for a few minutes before diving in, minimizing frustration for them on any tougher movements and allowing you to coach them some before the skill session starts

*Coaches split the class into 3 groups on different minutes to ensure there is plenty of equipment for all, with everyone resting on the 4th minute together.

*Score will be RX or scaled – but please post any weights or movements you scaled with as needed on Sugar WOD app as well as the whiteboard

Alternating On the Minute x 16 minutes… (4 Rounds)
Minute 1: 50′ Front Rack Double KB Walking Lunge 55s/35s
Minute 2: 35′ Handstand Walk *Scale below
Minute 3: 60 Double Unders
Minute 4: Rest

*Set up the walking lunge down the middle of the gym with a couple lanes around the gym for handstand walking

*Handstand walks – for those who are on the brink (5 ft at a time) or can do full handstand walks competently, you may attempt or complete them for the WOD. If you do  not complete the whole walk, you will need to put “scaled” but at the same time, great job for giving it a great effort!

*For those still working on handstand walks, handstand pushups, or upperbody strength in general, please complete single arm DB push presses, 10 on each arm 50/35

*Scale 60 double unders with either 60 singles or 60 line jumps or 60 bar hops

Conditioning WOD – 8 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 8 minutes of…

21 Alt. Hang DB Snatches 50/35 R/L=2
21 Box Jumps 24/20
7 Ring Muscle Ups

*Scale Ring MUs 1:1 with bar muscle ups, 2:1 chest to bar pullups or normal pullups OR 2:1 ring rows + rings dips based on where your abilities lie.  If you cannot do chest to bar or normal pullups at a higher intensity, please use the 2 ring row + 2 ring dip scale to develop some foundational strength while still moving quickly

Post whether you went RX or scaled on the skills session – but please post any weights or movements you scaled with as needed on Sugar WOD app as well as the whiteboard, and also post your times on the WOD!