W.O.D. Wednesday 2/20/19


W.O.D. Wednesday 2/20/19

For athletes, judges, and spectators – 
To educate and answer all questions about the CrossFit Open and how it works for these next 5 Fridays and for our “Friday Night Lights” event!

1. This is an annual worldwide 5 week competition that is not intended to isolate the best of the best, but rather made for everyone, no matter where you are in your fitness journey, bringing any community closer together through motivation and encouragement, and a sense of doing what you may have never done before! To join, it is $20 at this link – https://games.crossfit.com/ . You would need to register ASAP (by Friday if possible) but the last day is officially Monday the 25th to enter your scores. (we have 45 athletes registered as of now)

2. There is a workout released by Crossfit HQ every Thursday night for 5 weeks that is unknown. There are scaled variations of each workout so anyone can participate. These workouts will be programmed for our daily WOD every Friday so everyone can be a part of it regardless. If you are registered to participate, you would need a “judge” though, which can be any CFR member. (explanation below)

3. We will hold a “Friday Night Lights” event every Friday night for 5 weeks starting at 6:30PM, offering childcare from 630-830 only, giving everyone a chance to do the workout together that would want to, or even come and spectate, outside of the daily WOD. The 6:30PM and 7:30 daily WOD folks of course can just jump in also since they are doing the same workout! (they would not need judges unlike those who are registered, and would need to warm up on their own) 
Those with kiddos and coaches judging will need to do the workout in the first couple of heats. Everyone do your best to be there no later than 6:30PM sharp for movement standards, general heat assignments, and set up please. If you can’t make it by that time you are fine, but may have some questions when you do arrive. We most likely will release the first heat around 645-7, allowing warm up time before.

4. This event is informal and fun but will allow anyone, even if not registered, to do the workouts together. We will have a couple vendors like Blue Silo Beef with Kassi, Supplement Superstores, a coffee vendor, and occasionally EatFitGo set up a table and hang out with us.
We will also be handing out a small “Spirit Award” prize at the end of each Friday night!

5. There will be judges involved for those registered. We have some coaches set up to judge but members can judge as well, counting reps, to qualify a registered athlete to then submit their score online, and from there I will validate them to go onto the official “leaderboard”! (judging scoresheets will be up front next to check-in!)

6. We will run athletes in heats based on logistics and judges available for registered athletes. We will also have mostly coaches available to judge as well. If you would like to come and help, feel free to show up at 6:15PM, and help delegate and set up.

7. We will allow plenty of time to warmup before you workout and in-between heats so everyone has the same elements available to them. Warmup area will always be the wall ball rack side of the gym, and the workout will be on the main floor like usual.

8. If you cannot make the Friday Night Lights event, but are registered and need a judge (another member or coach), here is how we will handle that.

A. You can either show up for a daily WOD Friday class, where you will need to grab a coach or member immediately after class, after they’ve completed the daily WOD, have your printed off score sheet in hand, and do your workout either during the end of regular class time frame or immediately afterwards.
B. If you can’t make Fridays at all or want to redo the workout which you can do as many times as you’d like to try to achieve a better score, you will need to communicate with another member or coach and have them meet you at the gym immediately after a daily class (not during) OR during an open gym time to complete the workout. (Saturdays or Sundays)

10. Lastly, ask a coach with any further questions as they are already educated on this. You can also comment below!


  • Let’s use one barbell today unless overhead movements are drastically different from cleans
  • Power Snatch or Overhead Squats will be the limiting factor
  • Should be able to complete 20+ overhead squats when fresh
  • Snatches likely singles within the workout
  • Overhead squats and cleans ideally completed 1-2 sets within the workout


  • Substitutions:
    • Reduce Reps
    • 75 Single Unders
    • 1 Minute of Practice


  • If larger class, start athletes in 2-3 different groups at different movements to accommodate rowers

Once again, the workout for this Friday, and the following 4, will be the Open workout. Not knowing what the Open workout or movements will be, we will wait until the workout is announced to program out the days that follow. This allows us to better balance out the week and not have any overlap of movements. This structure will remain the same for the four weeks that follow.

Conditioning WOD – 18 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 18 minutes of…
5 Power Snatches 115/85
10 Overhead Squats 115/85
15 Hang Power Cleans 115/85
20/15 Calorie Row
50 Double Unders

Head Target
On the next two movements, we’ll talk about having a target for the head and the hands to make movement more efficient. During the whole stroke, athletes can look to reach their heads towards the ceiling. It is common to see athletes hunch over as they make their way towards the catch. Sitting tall allows for better breathing and a more neutral back position.

Hand Target
The target for the hands is right in the center of the chain return. Aim the hands and chain for the screws that are centered right in the middle of this box. Just like our head position, keeping the handle high can prevent any collapsing forward.

Head Target
While the height between the single under and double under isn’t that much different when we are efficient at the movement, getting a little bit higher can give the hands more time to spin the rope around when we are still working on the movement. We call this the “power hop”. The power hop involves straightening the legs a little harder than usual to create some more elevation. Pretend there is a hand about 6-8 inches above the head and aim to hit that on every power hop.

Hands Target
When jumping rope, the ideal position for the rope to make contact with the ground is about 12 inches in front of the feet. If the rope is hitting there, it is very likely that the hands are in a suitable position for athletes to have success. Having a tangible target to hit on the ground can help athletes with this position. Using a piece of chalk to draw a line about a foot in front of the toes can give athletes something to aim for on every rep.

Movement Substitutions
Reduce Reps
75 Single Unders
1 Minute of Double Under Practice

Yesterday on the deadlift we talked about the benefits of a more narrow stance and grip. While the start position will be relatively similar with the feet, athletes can aim for a slightly wider grip and a strong upper back. On the hang power clean, the hands will be just outside the hips. Athletes can also aim to pull the shoulders down and back. This slight extension through the upper back allows the bar to sit higher on the body than with drooped shoulders.

The hands will be wider on the power snatch. Athletes will set the hands further out on the bar so the bar is sitting right around the waistband when standing tall. The slight extension holds true here as well. Pull the chest up and shoulders back to allow the bar to sit higher. The weight is more likely to pass through the correct positions when we find this solid upper body position.

Wrap the Lats
One of the cues we’ve used before with the overhead squat is to point the elbows down towards the ground instead of back. The goal of this cue is to get athletes to externally rotate the shoulder, which is the most stable position to support weight overhead with. While some athletes respond to this cue well and are able to rotate their who arm and shoulder, many athletes just rotate the elbow. The best cue is the one that works, and that one doesn’t work for some athletes. A better one may be to “wrap the lats.” The goal here is to try and wrap the lats around the rib cage. Doing so externally rotates the shoulder and packs it down into a position that can support a lot of weight. View demonstration of wrapping the lats here.


  • Singles here will likely be the best option


  • Can use the last power snatch as the start of the first overhead squat
  • Ideally going unbroken here
  • Take a little longer before the last power snatch to ensure big sets


  • 2-3 sets from the beginning
  • 2 sets: 8-7
  • 3 Sets: 6-5-4


  • Keep these smooth and steady
  • Speed based on confidence on the barbell
  • Slow these down if you know barbell will be a struggle