W.O.D. Wednesday 4/10/19


W.O.D. Wednesday 4/10/19


Make your child’s birthday wish comes true with a fun time at CFR! We have everything you need for a fun, stress-free birthday party. Our trained FitKid instructors will host a party for your child that emphasizes both fitness and FUN! Saturdays from 11am and on, will be the available day of the week we can celebrate birthdays, and you will have the entire gym to yourself!
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Strength – 12 minutes

Bench Press

Every 2 minutes (6 rounds), complete the associated progression below, building in weight as you go. You will have 3 scores to record your weight… the ones that have asterisks next to them.

7 – 5 – 4*– 3 – 2*1*

Conditioning WOD – 20 minute cap

2 Rounds for time of…
400 Meter Run
40 Russian Kettlebell Swings 70/55 (bell eye level, arms parallel)
40 Hand Release Push-ups
*Additional running path available – exit double doors and then head to the grass area in front of CFR, in front of CFR sign, you may run from edge to edge of that grassy area. Coaches will mark it off cones. One way = 50m. Up and back = 100m. So Up and back 4 total times will equal your 400m. You may use this path as an alternative in the future as well.

*On either running path, since it is on the grass and can be the occasional bump, run at your own risk. Subs would include the bike for 1200m or row for 500m.

*For each rep not completed under the time cap, add one second to the cap (ex – 20:21= 21 reps not completed)


  • If unable to run complete one of the following:
    • 1200m bike or 500m row


  • Should be able to complete close to unbroken when fresh
  • Ideally completed in no more than 2-3 sets during the workout


  • Should be able to maintain 40 reps at a responsible pace if fresh (scale as needed on a box, bench or rings)
  • Reduce reps or elevate to box/bench


Elbow Position

Similar to the running pose, we want the elbows just off the body. We’re looking for the Goldilocks width. Not too narrow, not too wide, but just right. Just right means elbows at about a 45 degree angle off the body and pointing towards the back of the room. It is sometimes common to see the elbows flair out to the side. Let’s try to avoid that at all costs, as it puts the shoulder in a more vulnerable position. Elbows back, not out.

Nips, Not Hips

With the push-up being a strict upper body movement and not a hip driven movement, we want to make sure the hips stay off the floor. If the hips are on the floor, it is likely that the back is overextended. This makes the range of motion much smaller, which makes the movement easier, but limits how much we actually get out of it. Think nips, not hips. The chest should make contact as the hips stay off the ground.

Movement Substitutions

-Reduce Reps
-Elevate to Box or Bench


Arms Relaxed

One of the misconceptions when running is that we have to aggressively pump the arms as we go. While the tempo of the arms is likely faster with sprinting, their main role is balance. Aggressively moving the arms back and forth is going to cause to unnecessary fatigue. Keeping the arms in a relaxed position as we run can allow athletes to go bigger on the bell and push-ups. Think shoulders down and hands soft.


Arms Relaxed

We’ve talked about the rowing stroke being 60% legs, 30% hips, and 10% arms. The Russian kettlebell swing is very similar to that. While the leg to hip ratio might be slightly different, we can agree that this movement is still about 10% arms, possibly even less. If we have a death grip on the handle, we’re more likely to pull the bell up with the arms. Keeping a relaxed grip on the kettlebell better enables athletes to snap the legs and the hips and prevents a big forearm burn that could cause us to put the weight down.



  • Smooth is fast
  • Pace that allows for huge kettlebell swings sets
  • Better to go slower here and big on the kettlebell
  • Any breaks on the bell means we wasted energy on the runs by going fast


  • Aim for 2-3 sets
  • Little interference between the swings and the push-ups, so we are incentivized to hold on
  • 15-15-10, 25-15, or 40 straight
  • Get to half way and make a judgement call


  • Think of the total number (80)
  • Consistent single reps or 3-5 reps per set then quick rest, will likely be the best call
  • Better to start out small and get bigger as you go rather than the opposite