W.O.D. Wednesday 4/4/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 4/4/18

If you don’t have the 9am Saturday workout on your schedule, it’s time to make it happen!

This Saturday is a partner workout at CFR, to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect.

Greene County ranks number 1 in the state for child abuse and neglect. This is not something we want to be known for!  Every child in foster care deserves someone who stands up for them, and that’s where CASA of Southwest Missouri comes in. A CASA is a volunteer who receives training and is then matched with a child in foster care. The CASA visits the child regularly and then advocates for the child’s best interest during the court process. When foster kids have CASA’s, they will get out of foster care more quickly, do better in school, have more stability in their foster home placement, and ultimately be set up for success. That’s why we chose a Partner WOD with certain statistics for the rep scheme, for this awareness event.

This WOD may look tough if you were to do it alone, but with a partner, it is possible! It truly illustrates what kids in foster care face.

We are asking all members to WEAR BLUE on Sat Apr 7th to the 9am workout because that’s the color that represents child abuse and neglect. 
Be there! #GoBlueSWMO  #LiftUpAChild

Strength – 14 minutes

4 sets of 10 Stationary Back Rack Lunge steps R/L=2 (off the rack)

*Aim for approx 50% of your 1 rep max back squat for all sets (Disclaimer- the back rack lunge can be hard to bail out of it too heavy and caught at the bottom.  Use a challenging weight but something you can finish each set)

*If you did not establish your 1 rep back squat on Monday, either use this time to find your 1 rep back squat for future programming OR find a challenging weight for the lunges and knock it out

Conditioning WOD – 16 min time cap

2 Rounds for time of…
15 Deadlifts 315/225
20 Handstand Pushups (RX-25s/abmat)
25 Box Step ups 20″ with plate in hands 45/25 R/L=2
30 Double Unders

*Deadlifts – if not RX, use a weight that you could complete unbroken for 4-8 reps when fresh.  When you’re tired, singles are fine, as long as you aren’t sitting their staring at the bar due to exhaustion.  Use a weight you can move consistently.

*Scaling Handstand pushups – Dumbbell pushpress 50/35, scale accordingly.  If dumbbells are all taken, go to kettlebell push press and post you used KBs and what weight.

*Scale DUs with 3:1 singles or 1:1 Bar hops

3 scores. Post weight used last 2 sets of back rack lunges and time of WOD! (if you do not finish within time cap, add one second per rep not completed to the time cap and post!)