W.O.D. Wednesday 5/23/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 5/23/18

Just a reminder family, that CFR apparel orders will be FINAL at the end of this week, on Saturday the 26th! You must pre-order at the front desk area ASAP if you want anything!
If you’re just hearing about this, you’ll see a binder on a table up front and all the apparel proofs above that, where you can pick and choose. I will keep a very small, 1 or 2 basic designs of apparel in stock, outside of this order… so if interested in any items, would suggest getting what you can, while you can 

*Coaches- aim to cover most of what’s below before starting the skill time, so they can use this time to practice while you walk around and give insight into better movement

Skill Work – 16 minutes

Single Arm Overhead Pressing/Handstand pushups/Handstand Walks

Depending on what skill level you are, beginner to veteran, this is your chance to work on some weaknesses overhead. This isn’t meant to greatly fatigue you for the workout, but to help with stability issues with single arm work and also increase confidence for those aiming to go inverted for various handstand work.

Aim to do 5-7 sets of whatever you choose.

  • Double Dumbbell Overhead presses 5-10 reps each set
  • Double KB Overhead presses 5-10 reps each set
  • Wall Walks 3-5 reps each set
  • Handstand Hold (aim to stay inverted against the wall for 30 seconds at a time)
  • Handstand pushups 5-10 reps each set (strict, kipping, deficit – based on weaknesses)
  • Handstand Walks 10-30 ft at a time (setup some cones if needed.  If skilled at this, set up cones and walk around them)

Conditioning WOD – 15 minutes

*Coaches and athletes- notice this is a “push press”.  This means no “rebend” in your knees like a push jerk.  Knees should be locked and hips fully open at the top with weight locked out overhead.  If you want stronger shoulders, do the push press and not the push jerk on this particular workout 😉   (refer to video below)

Complete the ascending Ladder for 15 Minutes of…
1 Push Press, 8 Front Rack Stationary Lunges R/L=2,  30 Double Unders
2 Push Presses, 8 Front Rack Stationary Lunges R/L=2, 30 Double Unders
3 Push Presses, 8 Front Rack Stationary Lunges R/L=2, 30 Double Unders

Add 1 Push Press per round

RX weight – 135/95

*Scale Double Unders with 30 bar hops or 60 single jump ropes

*Always consider if the weight gets too heavy and muscle failure sets in… strip the weight and keep moving.

Post a “check mark” for completing the skill work and mention what you practiced, and then rounds + reps achieved on the ladder!