W.O.D. Wednesday 5/30/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 5/30/18

What an amazing representation this morning, for CFR to stop and honor our fallen soldiers with a tough but meaningful workout, with other crossfit gyms around the area.
About 130 members from CFR participating to show gratitude and be mindful of what this day truly means.

Here is the interview that took place on Fox5 talking about this special event and our CFR community!

Link- http://www.fox5krbk.com/…/memorial-day-challenge-benefits-v…

Thank you to Axom Performance for selflessly giving their time and energy putting this event on, and also the other vendors who gave their time and donations accordingly. (EatFitGo, Supplement SuperStore)

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Strength – 14 minutes

Every 2 minutes on the minute, for 14 minutes, complete 3 touch n’ go snatches. (7 sets)

*Increase in weight as you go

*Can be squat or power snatches

*Touch n’ go means you can only pause or regrip the bar at the top while overhead or at the waist… if you pause at the bottom while on the ground, it is a NO REP 🙂

*Find a heavy 3 rep snatch for the day

Conditioning WOD – 15 min cap

3 rounds for time of…

20 Ring Dips

15 Power Snatches 95/65

10 Bar Over Burpees

Post greatest 3 rep snatch achieved and time of WOD!