W.O.D. Wednesday 8/21/19


W.O.D. Wednesday 8/21/19

Strength – 15 minutes

Find a heavy 3 rep front squat

*From the rack


“Intensity is the price of excellence” – Warren Buffet

Be the hardest worker in the room.

Nothing amazing was ever created with mediocre effort. What we see from the greats on TV can be misleading. Their work seems so effortless, so, natural. There is so much beyond that surface.

And it’s simple, old-fashioned, hard work.

What Warren Buffet is offering to us is a reminder that there is no substitute for an unrelenting focus of effort. He chose the word “price” for a specific reason. Because there is sacrifice. In anything great in life, there is sacrifice. The question is, how much are we willing to sacrifice. How hard as we willing to work. How great is our intensity going to be?

If we truly want to be excellent, to be great, we need to cultivate that intensity. To harness, and run away with it. To value it as the most important aspect towards reaching our dreams.

This intensity, this energy and effort, will bring us a magnification level far beyond any amount of “natural” talent or circumstances will ever bring. We just need to bring it.

Conditioning WOD – 12 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 12 minutes of…
25 AbMat Sit-ups
15 Front Rack DB Walks 50s/35s (cones 30ft apart)
25 Toes to bar
15 Front Squats (115/85)


  • Grunt work style workout that includes a lot of core and time in the front rack


  • For this movement, athletes will hold two dumbbell in the front rack
  • Choose a load that you can walk the full distance meters with no more than 1 break
  • Reminder your back knee must be past the line before turning around and heading back the other way


  • Choose a moderate front squat weight that you can complete in 1-2 sets each round


  • If you don’t have enough dumbbell for the front rack carry, athletes can also use kettlebells or a barbell KBs – 55/35 Barbell 115/85 9just note on whiteboard or in sugar wod if used. DBs and KBs are best alternative if possible, before suing the barbell.

Fold Over
Setting up for AbMat sit-ups, athletes want to maintain a small gap between the butt and the pad. This allows athletes to fold over the mat and use their core, which is the intention of using the AbMat. When we sit on top of the AbMat, it becomes more of a kipping hip movement than a midline movement.

Lock It Down
On the front rack dumbbell walk, we’re looking to maintain a straight line from head to toe. Locking down the midline is important here. In order to keep a neutral spine for the walk, athletes have to make sure the hips stay tucked under the shoulders while keeping the core tight. This is going to transfer over nicely to the front squats.

Lock It Down
The goal stays the same for front rack movement number 2. Keep a neutral back and avoid overextension by keeping the hips tucked under the shoulders during the squat. We’ll slow things down with some tempo pausing front squats so athletes can really feel out their hip position during the whole movement.


  • Go as slow as you need to on the AbMat sit-ups to ensure big sets of front rack walks and front squats


  • Aim for 1-2 sets on both of these movements, switching at the half way point if needed
  • Front Rack Walk:
    • 1 Set: 15 walks Unbroken
    • 2 Sets: Break over halfway 8-7
  • Front Squats:
    • 1 Set: Unbroken
    • 2 Sets: 9-6 or 8-7