W.O.D. Wednesday 8/8/18


W.O.D. Wednesday 8/8/18

Today let’s put some focus on Single jump ropes (single unders) and Double Unders.  Many of you feel this may never happen and wonder if you’ll ever get a double under. With some focus outside of class, time inside of class with the coaches, some tips from this video, and today’s skill session, hopefully we can get you one step closer.  One step at a time is what will get you there.  I don’t know it all but here is one of the movement videos that 1st Phorm had me do for CrossFitters.  This one is focused on Double Unders.

Skill – 8 minutes

Coaches- don’t start this 8 minute clock until all explanations have been made so the entire 8 minutes can be used to work on single or double unders.  This skill session can essentially be part of their warmup as well.

Single and Double Unders 

*If you are a veteran at Double Unders, two things… experiment with triple unders (as this has been seen programmed on Crossfit HQ website) and also play with handstand pushups whether it be kipping, strict or deficit, this will be up to you as the coach will be working with athletes on double unders

*If you are not able to do at least 20 consecutive singles,  lets focus on singles before moving to double unders

*Jump/Speed ropes are for sale up front if needed

In class we will look at…

Single jump rope and double under form

  • staying relaxed
  • standing tall 
  • glutes are tight
  • core is squeezed
  • elbows are close to body
  • fast wrists are turning the rope
  • practicing single to double transition
  • bigger jumps on double unders

Conditioning WOD -15 minutes

*Coaches – please start a running clock to allow an ongoing timer for the plank on corework

As many rounds + reps as possible in 15 minutes of…
30 Double Unders
15 DB Single Arm Jerks 50/35
30 Double Unders
15 Ring Pushups

Immediately into…

Core work- not for time.

40 Toes to Rig

30 Hollow Rocks

20 Single Leg DB Deadlifts 50/35  (10 on each leg)

1 minute plank (you may scale as needed)

*You may complete the jerks with whichever arm you’d like, but keep in mind that doing all on one arm could cripple you in the middle of the workout.  Stay balanced to maximize your scores!

*Scale Double Unders 2:1 with singles OR 1:1 line hops or DB hops

*If you RX the ring pushups, 2 things. You must lower the rings low enough or get a box under feet to make your body as parallel as possible to the ground. Next the rings must touch the outside of your chest when all the way down, and you must lock out your arms at the top to + 1 rep

* scale ring push-ups with inclined ring push-ups or hand release push-ups

*if there are not enough Dumbbells for the jerks, then find someone of near equal strength and share as needed or use a kettlebell of similar weight

Checkmark the skill work as completed, post you score for rounds + reps of the workout and checkmark as core work is completed!