Weightlifting Wednesday W.O.D. 6/16/21


Weightlifting Wednesday W.O.D. 6/16/21

Hey guys, Macy here… we don’t put these wrestling shows on, but just host. There is one coming up this Saturday the 19th, doors open at 6, and it starts at 7pm. Good people run it, one of them an elementary teacher locally at McCulloch!

I haven’t seen my wife laugh so hard or my little girl trash talk back and forth with grown men before… but sure enough there is a first for everything!

I’ve never been to something like this before until last month, and we’ll be going back as a family this Saturday for just some family fun. There were about 220 people there last time. Your kids can meet the wrestlers afterwards, and there are concessions as well. If you want something new to do, give it a shot! You can grab tickets at https://icwfprowrestling.com/

Strength – 15 minutes

1 rep Snatch for load
*You may power or squat snatch
*This will not be with a partner. Only the conditioning will be.
*This is your chance to see where your current snatch max is.
*Build slowly but surely. Small jumps in weight.

Partner Conditioning WOD – 8 minutes

With a partner, for total snatch reps achieved in an 8 min time cap

*If you complete all snatches within time cap, your score will be 75. Then place the time in the notes to show how quickly you completed the workout

Buy In: 25 Synchronized Burpee Box Overs 24/20
75 Synchronized Power Snatches 115/75
*Every break on the power snatch, stop and complete 5 Burpee Box Overs, then resume

Scaled Option 1
95/65lbs and 24/20 Box

Scaled Option 2
75/55lbs and 20′ Box for all (step ups are allowed)

*Based on ability level you may combine different scaled and RX options, just place what you did in notes