CFR Yoga

Mondays at 8:30am, with childcare included, yoga takes place with a highly skilled, certified instructor who will lead you through a FREE 30min session. No matter who you are, this is huge for your performance in everyday life, preventative injury, quality of life, athletic abilities, and overall health.

We hope this FREE offering would be worth it to anyone as typical single sessions are $10-20 in the surrounding area!

Mondays at 8:30am (childcare included)

I am a RYT200 certified yoga instructor who loves teaching from a place of “why”.

The mobility of the human body and how each muscle, piece of tissue, organ, ligament, system, joint and bone work together is absolutely fascinating to me. With that, I find joy in getting to share the practice of yoga with my students in the various classes I teach throughout the Ozarks. Recently, myself, my husband and our two children made a move to Republic and we are thrilled to be a part of the CrossFit Republic family.

One of the things we have been most impressed with as a “new resident” is the involvement of the entire community in the public school system and sports teams. Partnered with CFR, there are a couple of really cool programs we have implemented to contribute to continue to build a strong community and we would love you to be a part of it!

What does that mean? With the noise of barbells slamming down, music blaring, and crossfitters doing “their thing”, you have the opportunity to simply focus on yourself and block out distractions. This creates a chance for you practice yoga with all of its benefits with a focus on remaining in the present moment. If you imagine taking this tool off of your yoga mat and applying it to the chaos that comes with most of our days…Really…if you think about it, Mondays, we have “Super-Power” training… So if you want Super Powers…come to class!

So, come out and do some yoga! If you see us around town, or at CFR please introduce yourself. I hope to see you on your mat.

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