W.O.D. Thursday 7/28/16

First official Ruck class is tonight at 5:30PM (every Thursday)!  Details and the ruck workout for those who want to take part in it, will always be posted below the daily WOD as well as the Endurance WOD!  Look for Ryan Reid at 5:30PM, who will be coaching it.  If there are movements or strength before your ruck march, you will need to join the class warmup and then complete these movements before leaving for the walk.   Keep your eyes peeled for anyone that may be interested in class but is wandering and unsure where to meet.


530cfrchris 630cfrchris

5:30PM and 6:30 PM crew taking on this Tuesday’s chipper!

Conditioning WOD – 20 minutes

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of…

1 Unbroken Clean & Jerk Complex 155/105

2 Rope Climbs

3 Burpee Box Overs 30/24

*C&J complex – power clean + jerk + hang cl...

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W.O.D. Wednesday 7/27/16

Strength – 14 minutes

Front Squat Cycle – 6 sets of 2 at 80% of your 1 rep max front squat

Video – Overhead Squat and Mobility Drills

Conditioning WOD

5 Rounds for time of…

10 Overhead Squats 135/95

35 Double Unders

*Scale DUs with 70 singles OR 35 bar hops

Post the 80% weight used for front on all 6 sets and time of WOD!

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W.O.D. Tuesday 7/26/16



We have plenty of cold recovery drinks for you after these hot workouts!  Please keep in mind that dropping money in or signing an IOU when no one is looking is based around integrity in which this gym is built on!  Thanks for allowing us to keep the drinks out based on the trust we have in you 🙂

Conditioning WOD – 35 min time cap

4 rounds for time of…

8 Burpee Tuck Jumps (knees to chest at the top)

8 Knees to Elbows

8 Deadlift 225/155

8 Ring Dips

8 KB Swings 70/55

8 Pistol Squats R=1 L=2 (scale pistols accordingly OR Switch lunges R/L = 1 rep)

8 Chest to Bar Pullups

8 Handstand Pushups (25s and abmat)

Post total times!

CFR Endurance – 6:30PM

Same workout as above only with a 42 min time cap due to the addition of with 3,2,1 go,  every 3 minutes on the minute you stop and run 100...

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W.O.D. Monday 7/25/16



The 9am class having a little fun…  

Strength – 15 minutes

6 x 4 reps of Front Squat all at 80% of your 1 rep max

***If you missed last monday and establishing your 1 rep max, take this time and find it before we are too deep into this strength cycle!

Conditioning WOD – 15 min

As many rounds + reps in 15 minutes of…

20 Hand Release Pushups (only scale with incline ring or box pushups)

30 KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull 55/35

40 Air Squats

Post your 80% weight used for 6 sets of strength and rounds + reps for conditioning!

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W.O.D. Saturday 7/23/16

Conditioning WOD

On a running clock…

0 – 20 minutes…

Climb the ladder as high as possible in 20 minutes of…

100ft Farmer’s Carry 70/55 KB in each hand

1 Ring Row

100ft Farmer’s Carry

2 Ring Rows

100ft Farmer’s Carry

3 Ring Rows and so on…

***In the gym, 100ft would be from the rig to the CFR wall and back to the rig

20-25 minutes – Grab a partner, rest 5 minutes then complete…

25 minutes – completion

Partner Row Relay

For time, taking turns.

Athlete 1 Row 250m – Athlete 2 Row 500m – Athlete 1 Row 750m – Athlete 1 Row 500m

*Must take turns rowing the 4 distances.  Strategize accordingly. 

Post the highest achieved ring row rounds on the ladder, and time for row relay with partner!

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W.O.D. Friday 7/22/16



Free Glass stickers to sweeten up your ride… located up on the front desk!

Strength – 12 minutes

Front Squat

6 sets of 2 at 80% of 1 rep max

Conditioning WOD- 10 minutes

As many rounds + reps as possible in 10 minutes of…

20 Front Rack Box Stepups  R=1 L=2 75/55  24/20″

5 Ring Muscle Ups

*scale Ring MUs with 5 Bar MUs, 10 Chest to bar pullups, 10 normal pullups, 10 banded pullups, OR 10 jumping pullups (no ring rows)

Post your 80% weight used on front squats for all sets and rounds + reps achieved!


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W.O.D. Thursday 7/21/16

Amazing!!! Only halfway through July and you guys have already donated 22,750 gallons of clean water!!! While CFR fits the bill, every “check-in” to CFR on facebook, members and non-members, you automatically donate 50 gallons of water to those in need!!! In June, we donated shoes to needy kids, and already can’t wait to see what our next cause will be in August! Keep checking into CFR on facebook and make a difference!!! #givewater


Conditioning WOD

For time.

200m Run

21 Deadlifts @ bodyweight

21 Deficit 4″ Handstand Pushups (45s and abmat)

400m Run

15 Deadlifts

15 Def HSPUs

800m Run

9 Deadlifts

9 Def HSPUs

*scale Deficit handstand pushups with…

  1. no deficit
  2. stacking abmats
  3. off a box
  4. heavy push press 155/105

Post total times!

CFR Endurance 6:30PM

On a 35 minute running clock…

0-25 min ...

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W.O.D. Wednesday 7/20/16





Ah, That sun rise…    5 & 6 AM classes rockin and rollin…

Also a great pic of the 4:30 class doing some barbell cycling in the daily WOD, while our vendor, LiveSore showed off some goodies!

Strength – 12 minutes

*Coaches, during the weekly duration of this front squat cycle, allow your athletes to warm up to their 80% FS weight before starting

Front Squat

6 sets of 3- ALL SETS AND REPS at 80% of your 1 rep max you found Monday.

***Remember to write your 1 rep maxes down!   If you are new or did not have a chance to find your 1 rep, please take this time and either find it before we are too deep into this cycle. or just focus on finding a heavy weight and sticking with it each session based on your experience level...

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W.O.D. Tuesday 7/19/16

Have a lot of info for you below!  Check it out, do what you want with it… here it is 🙂

New CFR Rucking Class!
At CFR we are now starting a “ruck” class (walking/hiking with a weighted back pack on). Starting tonight Tuesday 7/19 at 5:30PM, will be our first CFR ruck class. Every other night will be Thursdays from here on out all officially starting on July 28th at 5:30PM, start time at 6PM based on the workout/hike written!
Here’s how it’ll work… show up at the 5:30PM class...
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W.O.D. Monday 7/17/16

Great pics of a couple of our specialty classes and of our “special” people 😛

CFR Endurance 6:30PM Tue/Thur nights

CFR Competition Class 7am Wed/Fri Morn

cfrendurance cfrcomp1 cfrtiff cfrryan cfrcomp

If you attend any of Monday’s evening classes, be on the lookout for Live Sore Southern Missouri Apparel to have a rack set up with their apparel to show and purchase.  He’s a great friend and outfitter representing a great company with fitness apparel.

Website for Live Sore Southern MO – https://squareup.com/store/warrior-gear/

Website for Corporate Retailer – http://livesore.net/


Today is the start of a front squat strength cycle as well as a couple other cycles that will find their ways into the mix of what we do everyday...

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