W.O.D. Saturday 1/31/15

ATTN! Hero WOD this coming Tuesday Feb 3rd 

aaron pearson

Officer Aaron Pearson of the Springfield PD

 In honor of Officer Pearson who was recently severely injured in the line of duty, CFR will be joining other local businesses in supporting and raising money for his family in our own ways.  Come donate at CFR or be a part of the hero WOD we’ll do at each class on Tuesday Feb 3rd.  Below is the link that leads to more details about his situation and also a way to donate personally on line if needed.  Thanks in advance to our family at CFR for the support!


Warm up and Movement Review – 20min

Conditioning WOD

*Stagger start to accommodate for rowers if needed

For time:

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W.O.D. Friday 1/30/15

cfrlunge2 cfrlunge cfr6am2

Some pics of the morning and night crew earlier this week pre and post workouts…   Go into this Super Bowl weekend with a hard week behind you so when you eat all those hot wings, you’re still making gainzzzzzz…


Please click to enlarge  the picture for more details about our new barbell class, only on Monday night at 6:30PM, starting this next week,  focused solely on your technique in olympic lifting!  Sign up at front!  

Warm up, rollout, and  review movement standards – 20 min

Strength – 12min

Deadlift  5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Barbell Conditioning – 6min

Every Minute on the minute for 6 minutes perform:

5 Deadlifts  275/185   *Comp RX – 315/225

Max Burpee Box Overs in time remaining of each minute!

*Score is burpee box overs achieved over the 6 minutes

*On EMOM Deadlift above, t...

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W.O.D. Thursday 1/29/15


One big happy family at CFR!  I think we can all relate to the pic above… 


FYI, we are currently out of Fit AID and our monthly auto-shipment should be on its way. The Fit Aid company is currently back ordered 3 weeks out, so we hope our auto-shipment made it out before this happened.  In the mean time, we should have some Kill Cliff available if you still need a recovery drink.

Warmup involving movement standards – 20 min

Conditioning WOD – 30 min time cap

3 rounds for time of…

21 Kb Swings  55/35

18 Hand Release Push Ups

15 Abmat Situps

12 Ring Dips*  

9 Hang Squat Clean Thrusters* 95/65 

*Comp RX – Strict Ring Dips (no kip)

 *Comp RX – HSC Thruster 115/75

Post total times!

Core Work Cool Down – 3 min

Plank – 45 sec on, 15 sec rest (on elbows, body straight, core tight)

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W.O.D. Wednesday 1/28/15

Its that time of year again!  We had several athletes compete last year, and either produce some great rankings or got a chance to really surprise themselves!  For anyone who has any interest in competing in the world-wide crossfit open competition, please click this link  The 5 weeks of workouts are created by CrossFit HQ to give everyone an opportunity to see where they stack up, either against others or just against themselves.   From there, the elite will go onto regional competition and then onto the CrossFit Games...

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W.O.D. Tuesday 1/27/15

do it now

Whatever reason you’re training for; whether to be a fit mom to chase your kids, to jog a 5k, to lose weight, or to be a competitor, no more complacency.  Now is your time!

“You must be ticked off for greatness!  If you ain’t ticked off for greatness, then you must be okay with being mediocre.”  -Ray Lewis


Last Friday’s CFR Competitors’ Crew pictured above…  

Warm up/Movement Review – 20 min

*** Warm up and Review quickly the Back Squat positioning and Conditioning movements

Strength – 15 min

6 sets x 2 reps of  2 sec Pause Back Squat  – focus on trying to bounce out of the bottom of the squat after the pause

***15 minutes isn’t long for this many sets.  This means to take no more than 2 minutes of rest between each set...

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W.O.D. Monday 1/26/15


1 of 3 womens’ heats for WOD 2 at the Winter WOD-off.  Rowing 500m for time!

Warm up, movement standards & setup – 20 min

Conditioning WOD –  30 min time cap

***Stagger start athletes every 5 min to accommodate rowers if needed.

For total time:
500m Row
25 Burpees Over the Rower

Rest 1 minute then…

Three rounds of:
12 Push Press  115/75   Comp RX  135/95
12 Toes to Bar  

Rest 1 minute then…

Three rounds of:
20 Front Rack Stationary Lunges R=1 L=2  115/75   Comp RX 135/95
10 Box Jumps  24/20   Comp RX  30/24″

Post TOTAL time!

Cool Down – 5-10 min – based on when athlete(s) finish

***On any given day, this will be either led by or written by the coach on the board to be performed on your own


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HERO WOD Saturday 1/24/15

 Hey crew, starting this coming month, we’re going to be doing Hero Workouts on the first Saturday of every month.  Although you’ll be doing one today, these Hero workouts will consistently be once a month.

Hero workouts in CrossFit are focused on either more skills, heavier weights, or greater volume.  The reason being, is that these are performed in honor of our fallen heroes, and therefore can be typically harder than the average CrossFit WOD.  Based on what they and their families have gone through, when we start to feel sorry for ourselves in the middle of the workout, please consider their sacrifice.  So please challenge yourselves with the weight and intensity you use.


In honor of Navy Chief Petty Officer Mark Carter, 27, of Virginia Beach, VA who was killed in Iraq 11 Decem...

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W.O.D. Friday 1/23/15

2015 scheduleyogaflier

Here’s our class schedule for 2015 if for any reason you’d like to enlarge and print out.  It’s also located on the website under other tabs.  It’s subject to change as well.  Also reminder that we are the only place offering yoga in Republic, so feel free to spread the word!  We’ve had a great turnout the last few sessions!  Let’s keep it going!

Conditioning WOD

Buy In: 10 Burpees

Then perform 2 Rounds of:

20 KB Snatch  55/35  *Comp RX  70/55
20 Hand Release Push Ups
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 95/65 for all bar work   *Comp RX for all bar work 115/75
20 Toes To Bar
20 Box Jumps 24/20  *Comp RX  30/24
20 Front Rack Lunges R=1 L=2
20 Ring Dips
200m Row

Buy Out: 10 Burpees

Post total times!

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W.O.D. Thursday 1/22/15

Strength – 12 min

5 x 1 Squat Clean and Push Jerk (no split, no push press…work up to a heavy or max 1 rep) 

Conditioning WOD – 9 min

Every minute on the minute for 9 minutes complete…

Min 1: 9 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 1 Push Jerk  135/95  Comp RX  155/105
Min 2: 8 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 2 unbroken Jerks
Min 3: 7 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 3 unbroken Jerks
Min 4: 6 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 4 unbroken Jerks
Min 5: 5 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 5 unbroken Jerks
Min 6: 4 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 6 unbroken Jerks
Min 7: 3 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 7 unbroken Jerks
Min 8: 2 unbroken Hang Squat Cleans + 8 unbroken Jerks
Min 9: 1 Hang Squat Clean + 9 unbroken Jerks

*Have your weights set up properly  to deload and scale if needed in the middle of the workout i...

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W.O.D. Wednesday 1/21/15


Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes complete…

3 Snatch grip Deadlifts + 1 Hang Power Snatch (try to increase in weight as you go)

Conditioning WOD

Three rounds for time of:
5 Muscle Ups  (scale with 10 ring rows AND 10 ring dips each)
10 Alternating Pistol Squats (scale with 30 Air squats)
15 Wall Balls 20/14   Comp RX 30/20  
15 Deadlifts 135/85  
10 Hang Power Snatches 135/85  
5 Overhead Squats 135/85

Post highest weight for strength achieved and time of WOD!

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