W.O.D. 7/23/14


Here’s a link to sign up for a training camp here at CrossFit Republic with top notch coaching from present Olympic Lifting Champions and CrossFit games competitors.  If you’d like an extra edge, clean up your form, or just improve at CrossFit, give this a try.  I can tell you that if you can afford it, it’s completely worth it.  Holler at myself, Joe, or Deena with any questions.

Strength – 15 min

Find your 2 Rep Max Deadlift

*between each 2 rep attempt, fine tune your handstand pushup.  Practice 3-5 reps of strict or kipping, using a box or the wall accordingly.

*if you want a little more insight on your handstand pushups, here’s a great link from a very reputable gym  h...

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W.O.D. 7/22/14

Conditioning WOD

With a running clock perform…

***35 Front Squats  205/125  (refer below)


Rest 3 min then perform


3 Rounds of…

30 KB Swings 55/35

30 Box Jumps 20in


***For Front Squats, you must clean the weight from the ground to begin each set – if you don’t go prescribed, try 60-70% of your 1 Rep max, or just GO HEAVY!

***Once the bar is picked up, each set must be at least 7 unbroken reps or its a 10 burpee penalty on the spot. You can drop the bar after a set of 7 is complete with no penalty.  Please remember you’re racing the clock, so pick that bar back up ASAP for the next set.   There is no penalty if you do less than 7 reps on your last set to complete the 35 reps. 


Post TOTAL time for ENTIRE workout!

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W.O.D. 7/21/14

Conditioning WOD – 30 minute running clock

In a 2 minute window perform:

     20 Double Unders- consider completing outside for easy transition to run (scale with 40 singles)

     100m sprint

     Max reps Power snatch 115/75

*rest 1 minute between rounds

*perform 10 rounds

     Score is total snatch reps completed!

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W.O.D. 7/19/14

Conditioning WOD

Buy In: Row 1000m (stagger start if needed)


4 Rounds of…

15 SDHP 95/65

15 Push Press 95/65

15 Front Squat 95/65


Buy Out: Row 500m

Post times!


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W.O.D. 7/18/14


Real Farm Foods is a family owned, sustainable farm raising animals that are truly grass-fed, pastured, free range, cage free… naturally.
Their Grass-fed Premium Meats, Milk, Eggs and Cheese all come from their animals that are humanely raised on pasture without the use of harmful antibiotics, unnatural growth hormones, vaccinations, dangerous pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO grains.  Their fresh produce is raised without chemical pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or GMO’s.
Everyone seems to have a plumber, a mechanic or a lawn caretaker.  Why not have your own farmer?
They know you’re busy.  Let them bring their Farm Fresh Meats, Produce, Milk, Eggs, Cheese and more right to your door each week with their Farm to Home Delivery!
Here’s the link to their website - http://rea...
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W.O.D. 7/17/14

Don’t forget about the locally owned Village Pottery Cafe menu that was made exclusively for CrossFit Republic members!  Get 10% off, get free protein in your smoothies, and so many healthy meal options! Support this local restaurant when you can!  Here’s a menu pictured below.



12 Minutes

Find your 3 rep max Hang Clean

17 minutes

Back Squat 4×7 – warm up and use the same weight across all sets – 75% of your one rep max if you know it- go heavy and give yourself at least 2 min between sets


Conditioning WOD

100 Toes to Bar for time.


Post 3 RM Hang Clean, weight used on back squat, and TTB times!


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W.O.D. 7/16/14


Here is the link to another competition that is local called the Dylan Harris Charity Smackdown.  As most of you know our local fellow crossfitter Dylan Harris has became very sick in the last few months. Dylan has had to undergo one surgery. He has been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. This is a disease of the Colon in which Dylan has already had to have removed. He will have to also undergo two more surgerys. With all of this happening over the last couple months,  this event is to help raise money for Dylan and his family.

Facebook link :

Conditioning WOD

For time perform…

Run 200m – 400m – 600m – 800m

After each run perform…

15 Deadlifts 225/145

45 Double Unders (scale with 90 singles)

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W.O.D. 7/15/14

midam champ

Here is a competition Aug 29-31, that I received an invite to that will not only have pro, prescribed, and scaled divisions, but also team.  There will be a few big names there as well, like last year’s CrossFit Games Ladies champ, Sam Briggs or other Games’ athletes like Justin Allen.  If anyone wants to compete individually or as a team, here’s the link to join!  Holler if you have any questions!

Strength- 8 min EMOM

Every minute on the minute, find max weight for the 2-Position Snatch complex. 
Click this link to see the technique used:

1. Snatch (full squat snatch from ground)

2. Hang Squat Snatch  (if unable to complete a squat snatch, p...

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W.O.D. 7/14/14

Thanks to our new, clear, dry erase Benchmark Girl’s WOD wall in the gym, we will now start taking the top male and female times. Top 3 prescribed then scaled, (coaches times included) will be placed under the specific workout once it’s programmed. For those who want to be competitive or just have a standard for what a great prescribed or scaled time would be on a particular Girl WOD, can look over at the wall and have something to shoot for! Instead of starting with one of the traditional girls like Fran or Helen, let’s give the workout called “Nasty Girls” a shot. Get after it!  If you want more explanation of what the “girl” wods are and why, click on this link

“Nasty Girls”

3 rounds for time of:
50 Air Squats
7 Mu...

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W.O.D. 7/12/14

FYI reminder: We now carry FitAid recovery drinks as well.  The reason I post this message is just to educate very quickly.  You’ll notice we have 3 recovery drinks to choose from up front in the fridge.  FitAid is an all natural recovery drink, as well as a now a new KillCliff flavor on the bottom shelf of the fridge.  On the top is the original KillCliff sweetened artificially.  Whatever runs out first we will probably start stocking more of in the future, so if you are one of the people who requested FitAid, it’s now here.   

To learn more about them:

Conditioning WOD

25 min AMRAP of…

1 Rope Climb (scale with 10 Pullups)

20 Mountain Climbers R/L=1 Rep

10 Un-Even Alt Pushups on plate R/L=1 45/25

200m run...

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