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What Makes CrossFit Republic Different?

At CrossFit Republic, our intention is to give you the best hour (or more) of your day. Fitness and community is just our means of doing that. Our goal is to provide a safe, energetic, and stress free environment for you to get a workout in and hang with some buddies. In the process, if you commit to our program, you will take your health, wellness AND your fitness to levels it has never been before, where working out has never been more refreshing.
When it comes to our strength and conditioning program, our goal isn’t to beat you into the ground. We believe recovery is just as important as the work you put in. To that end, we don’t lift weights every day, and we don’t do intense workouts every day. We have found that balance is the key, and our members are healthier AND more fit because of it.

If you are curious, give us a shot and you will quickly see that we do things much differently than your typical gym. Stop by today and see why Southwest Missouri and all of the Springfield and Republic area is talking about CrossFit Republic!

*Childcare available

CFR Core Values

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Community is an essential part of CFR. We serve each other with an unconditional support. We lean on one another through the wins and losses of life inside and outside of CFR. When we make the effort to bring people together, we will always be more effective in conquering life. One may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, but a cord of three strands is not easily broken.


Hope is our fuel. We live with expectancy of positive results from hard work inside and outside of CFR. We live in constant anticipation that the best is yet to come.

Right Choices

Each day we are presented a choice to positively influence the world with our thoughts and actions. We choose to have a constructive and optimistic culture inside and outside of CFR.


We see the value in putting someone else’s needs before our own. At CFR, this is the center to our success, as selflessness runs strong toward our fellowman.


We strive to continually grow, evolve, and refine, with no limitations. The CFR community is ambitious with no tendency to be content with mediocrity inside or outside of CFR. Complacency stunts personal growth and great things will never come from remaining in our comfort zones.


We understand the value in being thankful for the little things. Who and what we’re surrounded by can be invaluable. We make the most of opportunities to speak life into others and to be empowered by the silver lining everywhere.

Belief in Others

Our attitudes are centered on lifting others up. Belief is contagious and powerful.


We aim to demonstrate a helpful, non-judgmental environment inside of CFR, but also extend a helping hand outside of our four walls by consistently serving the less fortunate through service, investment, and unexpected grace.


We are committed to one another. We show loyalty to our members by linking arms and walking through life beyond fitness with them. In turn, they honor the commitment to better themselves through bravery and perseverance, inside and outside of CFR.


No matter the outcome, there is always value in a determined attempt to better ourselves, and that is an accomplishment within itself. CFR and members alike are dedicated to giving their best effort in all that they do.

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