CrossFit Competitor Training Near Springfield, Missouri

CFR Competitors Program

At 7am Wednesday and Friday, this class is not just for those who currently compete or want to compete, but also for those who just want to take their CrossFit skills and abilities to the next level.

This is a program that’s based around our weaknesses and personal goals so we can constantly improve, focusing on items we may not have time or the skill levels to cover in normal classes.

At the next level, it’s so much more than doing tough workouts, but more about mental preparation, using a strategy for approaching a workout properly, and how to be the most efficient on maximizing your abilities with each movement, because every second counts.


  • You can RX 50% or more of the CFR daily workouts (weights and skills).
  • Have 12 months of Crossfit experience.
  • Able to do 10 consecutive kipping pullups.
  • Feel comfortable and be competent in your Olympic Lifts – able to squat snatch and squat clean the barbell or more (we will only tweak your lifts, not reteach them completely).
  • Have a good foundation of many, but not all of the skills (Handstand pushups, double unders, etc, in which we will also refine).
  • Have no EGO. Workouts and warmups will be designed around the group’s weaknesses EVERYDAY! You will need to enjoy working on things you’re not great at.
  • Like to HAVE FUN!

If you feel you qualify or want to be a part of the class but don’t meet some of the above qualifications, please contact Macy and let’s discuss it! If you show up to class and lack the qualifications above, we can appreciate the determination, but it is for your own safety and also the time of the other members in the class. 6:45 – 7:15am will be the warm up time with consistent weaknesses included for daily domination. We will aim to be done by 8:45ish.