Chrisy Cook

  • LV 2 Cert
  • Gym Manager

I joined CrossFit Republic in April of 2018 and I never looked back. At first it was about loosing weight for me but then it became so much more. A place where I could heal my soul and love on others the way that the CrossFit Republic family has loved on me. I believe God has definitely put me here for a reason.

I started working at CFR about a year after I joined. I helped clean then started working the desk. My favorite part is loving on people as they walk through the door. I became a coach to continue to love on people and help them in there fitness journey. Being healthy not only helps us stay active for many years to come it also helps us emotionally and spiritually.

A little about me…

I was born in Los Angeles California. I moved to Missouri for a better life for me and daughter. I joined the Army to provide for my daughter. I served my country overseas in Iraq. I have 5 kids all together ages ranging from 9 to 19. I do struggle with PTSD and have found with the support of my CrossFit Republic family it has become a bit easier to manage. I am a Registered Nurse but I have stepped back to spend more time with my children and work on myself.

I am really excited to help others find joy in fitness and to serve as your coach and manager at CrossFit Republic!