Jen Mitchell

  • Owner
  • LV 1 Cert
  • Mobility Cert

I may come across as a softy and a little too “scrawny” when you first meet me, but do not be deceived…there is a hidden beast within! I grew up on a dairy farm in Bonesteel, SD, and there is no room for being a sissy when you are a farm girl. I feel like I was put on this earth to encourage and to help others to get to the next level and sometimes that takes a little tough love… with a smile.

Health and wholeness are my passions. Our health is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us, and in this day and age we have to fight for it. That is why I am passionate about CrossFit Republic and the impact that it has on every aspect of a person’s life. I love to promote healthy living, meal planning, and balancing life.

I have been a CrossFit Level 1 Coach for 15 years and know that it is the best fitness program out there. I also have my CrossFit Mobility Certification and have lead our CFR Youth Foster Program called Ignite. CrossFit will challenge the elite athlete and scale down to the beginner. My hope is that CrossFit Republic will impact this great community in such a positive way, through fitness, health, and relationship.

My primary role in life is being a wife and mom to an incredible husband, Macy, and three amazing kids, who you will see running crazy in the gym! As a family we want to serve you, and aiming to help you have a high quality of life in and outside the gym is our passion!