Melissa Shrimplin

Melissa Shrimplin Coach at Gym in Republic, MO
  • LV 1 Cert

I have lived several places in my life but I have always considered Springfield, MO to be my home. After graduating from Springfield Public Schools and attending college at Missouri, I met my husband Ben, and together we moved to Joplin, MO for my first teaching job.

While teaching in Joplin in 2017, I had a friend that wanted to start CrossFit at a small local box in Carthage, MO. I decided to go with her and give it a try. I instantly fell in LOVE with CrossFit, but little did I know the enormous impact it would have my life

Fast forward to 2020, my husband and our two babies moved back to the Springfield area for my job (not in teaching). I currently work for Burrell Behavioral Health as a supervisor to Case Managers that work directly with school age children in the Springfield Public Schools system providing mental health services.

Before we moved to Springfield, I had a hard time seeing myself at any other place than my box in Carthage. The relationships that I built during my first 3 years of CrossFit had become something that I struggled to see my life without. A member from my old box recommended CrossFit Republic and said it had the same “family” I was used too. I can still remember the Monday morning I walked through the door for the 4:45am class, still fresh off my goodbyes from my previous family the Friday previous.  I was welcomed with open hearts and greeted with warm faces. And now not a day goes by that I don’t talk to one of the unbelievable people I met that day, plus the dozens of people I have built relationships with sense.

Being someone that strives off a challenge and the grit that is found in the process of growth, I have always pushed to live a life of stewardship and in serving others.  I was hungry to learn more about the sport of fitness, so I decided on getting my CF-Level 1 in order to grow as an athlete but to once again expand my reach into the realm of coaching. I attended my L1 seminar in January of 2021 and set the goal to start at CrossFit Republic in 2021. After passing my certification, I entered the coaching internship program at CFR. I learned so much in the program, and officially began coaching at CFR in May of 2021.

Since then I have continued to grow my knowledge and refine my craft with the pursuit of my CF-Level 2 coaching certification and my nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition and plan to start working with clients in the realm of nutrition and accountability at CFR in January of 2023!!!!!

I am excited to join you on your fitness journey. All that matters is that you get started; let’s do it together. #strongertogether