Mike Hastings

  • LV1 Cert

I walked into the doors of CrossFit Republic in September of 2021. I knew immediately there was something special about this place. I had been walking through a very tough season in my life when I came to CFR and was very nervous to begin a new journey. I was welcomed with love and open hearts. What I found was a family that I didn’t even know I needed. A family that has walked every step with me from day one and many have been willing to scale the walls that I had put up to protect myself from being hurt again. Being a part of this community has been life changing and empowering. The sport of CrossFit along with the support of the community here at CFR has shown me that I can push myself through hard things and accomplish whatever I set my mind to do. This gym and community has helped me find a man in myself that I really didn’t know existed.

I was drawn to coaching very quickly. It has always amazed me how our coaches have this wonderful opportunity to serve and empower others, to walk through difficult seasons in life as well as getting to celebrate the daily victories they have. As a follower of Jesus I believe I am called to share what He has done for me, to serve and lift others up and to carry their burdens with them. I have a servant’s heart and a deep desire to not just share my faith and journey with others, but also help others find the strength and peace that I have found through CrossFit and our community. I earned my CF Level 1 in March of 2022 and began a coaching journey in August of 2022 as an intern in CFR’s coaching development program.

If you would’ve told me 3 years ago that I would be coaching CrossFit I would’ve told you that you were crazy! Today I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing than spending every moment I can in our box and with our people! I feel so blessed to be a part of this community and a part of each person’s journey that walks through our doors at CFR. I am excited to walk this road with each of you!

My future goals include earning a nutrition certification and CF Level 2.