Macy Mitchell


Macy Mitchell



  • Owner
  • LV2 Cert
  • Olympic Lifting Cert
  • Personal Training Cert
  • WOD Programmer
  • Sponsored Athlete — 1st Phorm Supplements, EatFitGo, LiveSore Apparel, GodWODSrtongApparel

My family moved to Springfield, MO, in 1987 to start a family business, where I eventually met my amazing wife, Jennifer, while attending Evangel University. When I say amazing, I mean it. We have been married for 13 years, and have 3 kiddos. I am so blessed! Yes, I drive a minivan.

First and foremost before any accolade, I will say that the fitness regimen and results of crossfit are not the main factors that drive me… it’s the people, the community. If we don’t use this stage we’ve been blessed with to positively influence this community, use our business to give to the less fortunate, and give our best to the people around us using CFR, it’s not worth it. This is so much more than personal gain… training for the podium or any business related success and to owning a crossfit gym. It’s the chance to learn and be inspired from others on a daily basis, have the chance to speak life into others and lift others up, to give rather than receive, and to encourage those around us to be the best versions of themselves in their everyday life, physically and mentally.

A little background, athletically, I funded my college education with Track & Field and academic scholarships. As a sophomore, I won the National Championship in the 400 Meter Dash in 2003 and qualified for all 8 National Championship Meets (indoor & outdoor) during my 4 years of college, and am now inducted into the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

As a 9 year Crossfitter and coach, I was fortunate to obtain a 27th world ranking out of 220k competitors, in the CrossFit Open in 2014, and was also a Crossfit Games competitor in 2011 featured on ESPN, as well as have qualified and competed at the regional level multiple times. I have opted out of competing at regionals several times to spend time with family and focus on being a husband, dad, business man and owner of CrossFit Republic. The first link below is written by the Crossfit Games, the next link was written by a large Crossfit apparel retailer, and the last is an older blog that all explain my heart behind my decisions and balancing my crazy but blessed life. Balance is everything!

I write the programming (daily W.O.D.s) for CrossFit Republic and have several clients off site that I write remote coaching fitness and nutrition programs for. I have my Level 2 Crossfit Training Cert, Olympic Lifting Certification, a National Personal Training Certification with over 15 years of PT experience, am a sponsored/partnered athlete for 1st Phorm Supplements, EatFitGo, God WOD Strong Apparel, LiveSore apparel, and Got Your Six Coffee Co., and have a deep background in Nutrition, so I can coach friends, family, and clients on daily health & fitness.

Professionally, (my real job) I am the Chief Operations Officer at our family business with 7 retail locations, enjoying every minute of it. I find being at my office, managing people, calculating numbers and sales projections, and whatever else comes my way, is just as therapeutic as being at our Crossfit. I feel very blessed.

I am self-motivated in fitness, almost to a fault, and have always searched for a radical fitness program. Crossfit has been an enjoyable challenge where everyday is different, and where I’m excited to motivate and encourage others to achieve their goals mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Lastly, I will say that my faith and family are the most important things in my life, and am excited to share life with the community of Republic! God Bless!

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